I noticed this past winter I had a leak in the vinyl liner of my inground pool as the water level continued to go down after closing the pool. When I removed the cover, there was only 2 inches of water in my shallow end. It's 16'x32' and progressively decreases from 3' to 8'.

I left the hose in the pool for 10 hours and managed to raise the water level about 4-6 inches. A water pocket 1'x1' formed about 18" above the new water level in the middle of the sidewall. I used food dye to try and find the hole, but was unable to determine the exact location of the hole. However, I did hear a suction type sound in the corner of the liner a foot to the left of the water pocket. I turned off the hose over night and now hear nothing in the corner.

What do I do about the water pocket and how do I find/patch the hole? I was thinking about squeezing some fix a leak in the corner.