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Thread: How long can I go

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    How long can I go

    I posted over on the pump side that we lost the main pump after a storm, we had a power outage for 2 days, and either all of the drains got clogged with debris, or debris went through or something, regardless, last night it gave up the ghost, it would run, but not pump anything. I am sure impeller is toast.

    It has been 5 days since it has worked now. I am calling the PB this a.m and see how fast they can come out.

    Here is the questions that I have.

    How long would you wait for them to come out before trying to do something yourself.

    The something that I would do, after reading the Ecostar manual as well as watching so youtube videos, is not to attempt to do anything with the pump, mainly because I don't have the parts, so I don't think cracking it open and trying to repair it would speed anything up, but I have 3 other working pumps to the grotto, slide and waterfall, my thought is to disconnect the out flow from the 2hp grotto, the others are 1.5hp, and then run the pipe to the filter.

    I am bumping my chlorine up to around 10, with CYA of of around 70.

    The pool is currently clear, but getting cloudy from normal blow in, no algae identified.

    When would yall take "drastic measures".

    Also made me think that after I get this resolved, it to plum a "emergency" valve that would basically t off the other pump and t in to the filter pipe, just so if it happens again, then all I would to is to turn two valves and be in business. Seems logical to me, which usually means I am wrong.
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    Re: How long can I go

    I would say the time to act is now. Actually a few days ago. 5 days gone is a long time without circulation. If you have the ability to re-route some plumbing from another pump just to circulate water (chemicals) in the pool I would say do it. No telling how long until your repair techs can get out there. I would also increase FC more than just to 10. With your CYA of 70, and this heat, you need some serious FC sanitation to keep algae away. Your SLAM level is 28, so I'd pump FC up to at least 20 for now if it were me. Certainly won't hurt anything.

    As for the original Ecostar, are you sure you don't want to at least pull the motor back/away from the wet end to see if the impeller simply got tangled-up with debris? I mean if the motor got burned-up, then sure, you'll need to replace it. But if it just got overwhelmed with junk as you stated, it might be worth the effort just to check. It doesn't cost anything to look if it's going to be replaced anyways. That is as long as you can indeed circulate water from the other pump with extra plumbing and isolate the Ecostar while you mess with it. Just a thought. Good luck!
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