I bought the Intext 12x24 ultra frame pool. Several dump trailer loads of crusher dust were brought in and levelled. The braces were put on patio stones. The pool went up yesterday, and was filled, but it was out of level by 6 inches from one corner to the other corner on the long side, and a couple of inches from corner to corner on the short side. I believe the problem was at one end where the ground had no crusher dust and was not levelled. (I didn't know about the end being set up there until it was way too late.) I have now emptied the pool to the level of the drain plug at the bottom. May question is, what is the best procedure to follow to level the pool at this point? Can it be done without disassembling and moving the entire structure? The bottom of the pool liner itself seems to be fine. The issue appears to be the frame braces being put on patio stones on unlevel ground at one end of the pool. What is the best way to fix this and verify that it is level before refilling the pool?

Thank you very much for your help. I am brand new to this, obviously.