I have a lot of DE on the bottom of my pool as a result of a cracked manifold, some torn and broken grids and possibly worn push/pull backwash valve stem seals. The backwash handle was really hard to move so I took it apart and cleaned it and replaced the seals. When I tore apart the filter to clean it after backwashing twice, I discovered the cracked manifold and the torn and broken grids which Iím now replacing with a new filter grid assembly. The small difference in price of replacing everything separately vs the huge gain in time saved and less hassle to replace the complete grid assembly were the deciding factors for me.

So what is the best way to get all this DE out of my pool? Vacuuming will add more DE to the filter, pressure will go up and Iíll have to backwash again almost right away. Iíve already wasted a lot of DE before I discovered the problem so Iíd rather not backwash right away if I donít have to. Should I not add the full amount of DE on startup figuring the vacuumed DE will add to the new DE? But then I wonít really know how much DE I have in my filter which seems pretty foolish after doing a full cleaning. Too much DEís not good, neither is too little, so whatís the best approach? I donít want to do anything that could compromise my new filter grid assembly. I tried vacuuming with a Leaf Vac and a very fine mesh bag hoping to trap the bulk of it outside of the filter and that did catch some DE but it also stirs it up and makes it hard to see the bottom so it would have to be done several times before I got most of the DE out. Iíve seen several posts about vacuuming to waste but I donít have a multiport valve. Is there a way to vacuum to waste with a push/pull valve? The water is fairly cloudy now so any type of vacuuming makes it hard to see the bottom pretty quickly.

Iím going to install the filter grid assembly now so Iím hoping someone can give me some advice on how to proceed after that.