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Thread: Hello from the mountains of NC and PLEASE HELP this pool newbie!!!!!

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    Angry Hello from the mountains of NC and PLEASE HELP this pool newbie!!!!!

    Hello to all! I have inherited a swamp err I mean swampy pool. We're talking green and nasty. Pool was not used in several years but all things mechanical seem to be working fine. I am trying to clean and clear this pool for use but to little avail. I am testing with a Taylor FAS_DPD test kit (K2006). I am having a heck of a time with ph. FC-.2, TA-90, CH-180, CYA between 30-40. Ph maintained a relative constant at 7.2-7.4 for a long while but now it has spiked. I was preparing to slam the pool but cant get ph to lower. Began the week, my first reading of the ph was 8.0(or higher). I added dry acid per Taylor acid demand test and continued to retest. After several days and 19lbs of dry acid I re-tested the ph in the morning and came back with a 7.6 reading. Great!!!!! I prepared to slam pool that evening and retested the ph prior to the slam and it read 8.0 (or higher)????? Help, I cant seem to grasp why. Nothing has been added to the pool other than ph lowering chem's, and nothing at all the day I prepped to slam. the poo.l Water is 86-88 degrees and full algae bloom. I'm not sure what to do now?
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    Re: Hello from the mountains of NC and PLEASE HELP this pool newbie!!!!!

    Welcome to TFP.

    It looks like your on the right track so far- just keep adding acid and work the pH back to 7.2 right before you SLAM.

    Scooping as much of the algae out as well will help move things along.
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    Re: Hello from the mountains of NC and PLEASE HELP this pool newbie!!!!!

    Try muriatic acid instead of dry acid and then test it a half hour later and re-add if necessary. Then test again. As soon as your pH gets to 7.2-7.5, start your slam at 16ppm FC.

    For now, add some bleach or liquid chlorine to get the FC up to around 7ppm.

    Use the 10 ml sample for FC/CC tests. The directions are on the inside lid of your kit. Toss the blue book. Our info is better.

    Most chemicals can be added at the same time, but MA (muriatic acid) and chlorine need a half an hour respite between adds.

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