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Thread: Drowning Pool Girl in Training

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    Drowning Pool Girl in Training

    I purchased our Intex pool last year for my kids. I was not surehow well the pool would fare a Michigan winter so I took it down in the fall2015 and put it back up spring 2016. The beginning of the summer was awesome, butthen...I noticed green algae in the pool. I shocked the pool, was changing thefilter continually. I finally decided to order a new pump because I felt theoriginal filter pump that came with the pool just didn’t seem to circulate thewater like it needed too; I started leaving it on all the time. The new sandfilter pump was working great. The pool was a little cloudy but my pool numberswere good. I even took them to the pool store to have them double checked. Thepool store suggested using Pool Brite Super Sheen (about 2oz) to clear it up.The individual at the pool store also suggested not backwashing my pump (to letthe sand get a little dirty) because it being a little dirty would actuallyhelp. Then after months of no rain, we get a couple of heavy, heavy t-storms. Insteadof the pool clearing up, it turns a lovely shady shade of green! ThinkingAlgaecide would help, I poured 60 ml of 50% Algaecide in the pool. Upon furtherreading, I discovered I should have just shocked the pool. Sooooo.... I SLAMMEDthe pool using “All-In-One Shock X-Tra” which is a Shock-Buffer-Clarifier-Flocculent.I may have over did it. I put two 16 oz bags into the pool. I know what you’rethinking… this lady should not have a pool!

    Readings this evening 07/15 (SLAMMED last night 07/14)

    TH: 100
    TC: 10
    FC: 10
    TA: 80
    pH: 80
    CYA: 40

    The pool when I took the reading was cloudy, not green. Thoughts and suggestions needed!

    DrowningPool Girl in Training
    Intex Model B: 15' x 42" Round [Holds approx. 4600 Gallons Water]
    Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump (Model: SF90110T); Max Flow Rate 4000 liters/hr (1050 gallons/hour)
    Test Kit: Aqua Check 7-Way Test Strips; also use Pool Chem VUE Block Test Kit

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    Re: Drowning Pool Girl in Training

    Welcome! and i'm not thinking you shouldn't have a pool. I think you absolutely SHOULD have a pool!

    And in addition to that ownership comes a responsibility to provide safe and clean water to keep in enjoyable for you and your family.

    Start with Pool School, The ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry, and How to chlorinate you pool. You will find that a SLAM isn't a one time application of over priced chemicals from the pool store. It's a simple and easy to follow process that will take time. You will learn to use simple household liquid bleach to get it clean and keep it that way.

    But how much bleach to use? That begins with good testing. Taylor 2006C or TF-100 kit are you best bets.

    Good luck with your pool and enjoy all the information here!
    27' AG 18K Gallons ~ Cartridge Filter ~ Pentair 1.5 HP Pump

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    Re: Drowning Pool Girl in Training

    Hi, and welcome to TFP

    You need to follow the SLAM procedure

    Don't use powders or tabs to add chlorine, just bleach.
    50,000 gallon plaster in-ground salt pool with two 60 sq ft DE filters, two Intellichlor IC60 SWGs, two Intelliflo VS pumps, two Whisperflo pumps, two Pentair 400K BTU NG heaters, PCC2000 in-floor cleaning system...two everything.

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