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Thread: Algae, Dirt, Sand??? Constant 2 year problem - pictures

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    Algae, Dirt, Sand??? Constant 2 year problem - pictures

    Hello, wanted to see if anyone can help identify what is all over the bottom of my pool constantly for the past 2 seasons. Looks like brown dirt, but puffs into a cloud when I brush it. I can vacuum to waste and it will be there a few days later. This is in an above ground pool, I thought it was my cheap filter last season, but now I have a Hayward 21" sand filter/pump and I still get this stuff. My water is clear. My levels appear to be normal, chlorine is 4, PH is 7.4, alk is 100, CYA is 35-40. This is a 24' AG pool, 52" high. Anyone help identify based on pictures?? Thanks!!


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    Re: Algae, Dirt, Sand??? Constant 2 year problem - pictures

    Looks like / sounds like dead algae.

    A slam is in order to eliminate it...
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    Re: Algae, Dirt, Sand??? Constant 2 year problem - pictures

    Something to consider after the slam
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    Re: Algae, Dirt, Sand??? Constant 2 year problem - pictures

    Definitely looks like algae.
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    Re: Algae, Dirt, Sand??? Constant 2 year problem - pictures

    Looks just like mine. I had an algae outbreak awhile back and no amount of vacuuming seems to clean that mess up. It is too fine and goes through the sand in a sand filter. I am replacing my sand filter with a cartridge filter in hopes of minimizing that dead algae being recirculated back into the pool after cleanup.
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    Re: Algae, Dirt, Sand??? Constant 2 year problem - pictures

    We have had this algae problem in Northern CAL. for the past couple of years..blaming it on our water co...hmmmm . ?
    Maybe global warming effects. El Nino`?? Our lake here is green with Algae to a point of hardly any water sports going
    on. Everyone blaming the new wineries and pot grows. Clearlake is a huge "living lake" but this really sucks.

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    Re: Algae, Dirt, Sand??? Constant 2 year problem - pictures

    I am having a similar problem. My water levels are also in line and water is clear. I know you said you have been battling for a couple years. With that being said, with the water numbers in line what are the disadvantages of just sweeping it up and ignoring it?

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    Re: Algae, Dirt, Sand??? Constant 2 year problem - pictures

    Has happened to me for the past 4 years as well, here in Rhode Island. I don't know if it is algae or pollen or a mixture of the two. Daily vacuuming/brushing etc... doesn't really combat it much. The first few weeks/months of the season are always fine and the water is crystal clear, then around the start of July and on I am constantly battling this issue and the green tint to the water.
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    Re: Algae, Dirt, Sand??? Constant 2 year problem - pictures

    That picture looks like exactly what I have in my pool, with the same symptoms. I'm going to slam for mustard algae this weekend when I will be there to monitor my FC level. I've tried regular slam level and it slows it down but it always returns even after passing all 3 slam criteria. I'm hoping the mustard algae slam will get rid of this problem I've been struggling with since last year. I've tried about everything else as far as filtering, brushing, vacuuming and slamming and it still comes back within a day or two. You might try reading these two message posts for some more information and also do some research on mustard algae. Good luck and let us know how it comes out.

    very first algae problem...I think!!

    Questions and Help regarding Mustard Algae Slam

    The more I read and learn about mustard algae the more that I am convinced that that is what I have, especially when I was told that you can have it and still pass the OCLT test and it poofs up easily into a cloud when brushed. I didn't think it was algae when it wasn't losing any FC overnight.


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