I have generally been very pleased with my LX 250 heater but after I opened my pool this year the heater started perfectly. After about 3 days it completely shut down. No power to the fan. I was able to determine that my fuseable link was bad and replaced. The heater now had power and attempted to start as normal or but would not fire. I get the fan running, (in slow speed), the glow light is on and after the fan runs for several seconds it attempts to fire. But with in seconds it flames out and the fan runs on high and then starts the cycle over. After three attempts in gives a AGS error code, indicating gas shut off. I have replaced the heat sensor, and the air pressure switch and hose with no luck. I called the local pool repair shop and the guy was able to get it to fire by I think jumping between my pressure switch and the fan switch. (Not sure about this). It worked for the day but after turning the heater off later that day it would not fire again, same symptoms. When I called him back he said he had conferred with Jandy and they indicated I need a new blower at a cost of $500 -$600 not including labor. I question his casual diagnosis and am hoping some one may have some ideas I can try with out the big expense.