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Thread: Strange stuff under the solar cover......

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    Strange stuff under the solar cover......

    Hi folks,

    I'm new to the forum and haven't found any other thread similar to my issue so thought I'd post the question here. I'll try to make a long story short.

    We had a totally custom salt water pool built 3 years ago. It's rather large (86k gallons), has two SWCG's, vanishing edge, spa, waterfalls, etc. Last summer we put solar covers over the deep end for the sole purpose of reducing evaporation. We were losing about 700 gallons a day in the summer and being on a well we have to really conserve as best we can. The solar covers made a significant difference on the evaporation and I'm glad we did it.

    We've had a pool service maintain this since the beginning as the home was a weekend home at the time. I'm now retired and live there full time. Sometime after the solar covers were put on (maybe last October?) the pool guy started putting in liquid chlorine in the deep end where the solar covers were. I didn't know this at the time and only found out about 2 months ago. I simply wasn't there to see what he did.

    What I began noticing around last October was that there was a creamy silt-like substance on the floor of the deep end under the solar covers. There isn't any in the spa, or in the vanishing edge trough below, or in the shallow end......mainly focused under the solar covers in the deep end. I brush it, suck it up with the Kreepy Krawler and keep trying to clean it up. Also, I recently noticed that one of the salt cells was reinstalled backwards some time ago when the service was done. Pool guy is fixing that tomorrow and that will bring that salt cell back online. That's probably why he was adding chlorine.

    I know I should have been watching this close but it's hard at times if you're not there. Anyway, my basic question is about the silt-like substance under the solar covers. What is it most likely? I asked the pool guy and he didn't have a clue. Any thoughts?


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    Re: Strange stuff under the solar cover......

    Im going to venture a guess because I have no clue...
    Dead Algae bloom with no circulation in the deep end...

    Im betting the mods know exactly what you are describing...
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