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Thread: Well water

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    Well water

    Hi.. we have a intex 15x42 pool.....we added salt...waited 24 hours then turned on the salt water system...water was clean for 2 days..this morning it was getting a little rusty it is completely dark brown! I put it on boost for there anything else you suggest?

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    Re: Well water

    Welcome to TFP!

    First, take it off boost. More chlorine will not clear up iron in the water.

    One of our metals experts should be along in a minute.
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    Re: Well water

    Sounds like you have iron in your well water. Try this thread out.
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    Re: Well water

    Do you have a cartridge filter or a sand filter? Our fill water is high in iron, so after fighting with it all last year, we upgraded to an Intex pump with sand filter this year. After about 48 hours the new pump/filter cleared the water.

    You can also put white paper towels in the skimmer basket to help filter out some of the iron.

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    Re: Well water

    Quote Originally Posted by tim5055 View Post
    Welcome to TFP!

    First, take it off boost. More chlorine will not clear up iron in the water.

    One of our metals experts should be along in a minute.
    Second, don't stop chlorinating the water. The chlorine is still doing its job, it just doesn't look pretty. Third, you need a sequestrant. I'd recommend the Jack's Magic products, but not everybody carries them. Depending on how much iron is in your water you may need to go above the recommended dosage for the initial treatment. At our previous house I had to do the initial treatment with 2.5 times the recommendation to finally clear the water of all the iron.
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    Re: Well water

    Hi gonz! I have swg and well.

    You can order Jacks Magic Purple (specifically, not the magenta, the Purple) for swg here online if you can't find it...they ship fast: Jack's Magic The Purple Stuff (1 qt) offered by Pool Geek

    If you can get the tint cleared up through filtering, or rigging up some extra filtering (see the below pre filter items) then you'll also wan to watch/manage your metl evils going forward.

    If your well has high iron, there are a couple of options going forward -- you can try to pre-filter any water you add/change to control the metal load in the pool with a 10" filter housing and a 1 micron filter (eg search Pentek 10" filter housing on Amazon.)

    By getting the housing and rigging it up to your fill hose, you can then change the replaceable filters if te get too fouled, which is cheaper than the disposable prefresh type filters.

    If you have a large capacity whole house softener, you can plumb that to the outdoor pitot o use soft water to slowly dilute the metal load.

    Other people truck in metal free water.

    The route I've gone is to use softened water, which reduces my raw well metal from about 2 ppm to about .5 ppm, and then use the 1 mcron pre filter to further reduce to under .3 ppm to avoid staining, then use jacks purple to sequester the lower metal load.

    That way you end up spending a lot less overall on Sequestrant, because the higher your metal ppms, the faster It seems to wear off, the more you need, and the shorter the intervals between maintenance doses.

    Hope that helps give you the long-game plan
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