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Thread: Can't get the water clear

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    Can't get the water clear

    I am struggling with an algae problem since we opened our pool this weekend. The chemicals are in balance, we have been shocking the heck out of the pool and scrubbing, vacuuming, cleaning the filter frequently, etc. Our CYA is only 40, PH is 7.4 and chlorine level is well over 5+ (It is probably more like 10-15). However, the water is STILL green. What is our next step? The pool stores aren't offering much in terms of advice. I just read about Phosphate Remover. Our phosphate level was 3. Would PhosFree or something similar be good to add to the shocking combination?
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    Re: Can't get the water clear

    Welcome to TFP.

    Are these pool store test results?

    Phosphate levels are really irrelevant provided you maintain proper chlorine levels.

    Can you post your equipment/specs in your signature, like mine. Go to User Control Panel, the Profile, then Edit Signature. Filter, pool type, etc.

    Have you been running the filter 24/7? Have you read Pool School, specifically Defeating Algae and How to Shock Your Pool?

    What kind of products have you been using to sanitize the pool?
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    Re: Can't get the water clear

    Welcome to TFP!

    Phosphate remover is a waste of time and money.

    What your really need is good test results. Saying that FC is 5+ isn't good enough. To reliably kill algae you need to keep the FC level around 15, given your CYA level, by testing frequently and raising the FC level as needed.

    I strongly recommend getting a top quality test kit. The best choice is a kit from TF Test Kits, see the link in my signature. The Taylor K-2006 is also good.

    See Defeating Algae in Pool School for more information about how to deal with algae.
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    Re: Can't get the water clear

    If your CYA is 40 and you have algae, you should be shocking your pool with an FC level of 16 or better, and keeping it there until you have no overnight FC drop.
    FC levels that high are tough to measure without a good FAS-DPD test kit, so it'll be tough to be accurate, so having a TF100 or Taylor K2006 would be recommended.

    You need to reach and maintain that shock level until all the algae is dead or it will not go away.
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