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Thread: Very high chlorine and alkalinity

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    Very high chlorine and alkalinity

    My brother-in-law followed the recommendations of a local pool store, and his pool is now messed up. I tested his pool with my TF-100 test kit and got the following results. The pool is a small 2,500 gal above ground. The water is currently cloudy.

    FC= 23.0
    CC= 0.5
    pH= 7.2
    CH= 175
    TA= 300
    CYA= 20

    Temp: 78 degrees

    When I plug the numbers into the pool calculator, it shows a CSI of 0.1.

    What is the best way to lower the chlorine level? Hydrogen peroxide or sodium thiosulfate? The pool gets about 7 to 8 hours of direct sunlight each day.

    Should the TA be lowered? Is the only way to do that the acid/aeration process?
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    Re: Very high chlorine and alkalinity

    The FC will come down on it's own from sun exposure. For example, in Southern California my pool looses 2 or 3 PPM each day just from sun.

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    Re: Very high chlorine and alkalinity

    jrh, since your brother-in-laws pool is less than 3K in size, you should refer to the Pool School - Guide for Seasonal/Temporary Pools. It's really meant for those kind of pools that can just be dumped and refilled rather quickly. But to answer your basic questions:
    - FC will just drop quickly on its own. I wouldn't add anything
    - CSI should not apply to his above ground pool (no plaster)
    - TA lowered? For a plaster pool perhaps, or a pool much larger. But for this one, I wouldn't worry about it right now. Once you refer to the seasonal guide, you'll see the most important issues are FC, CYA, and pH. But yes - acid/aeration is how we lower TA.

    Hope that helps.
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