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Thread: Soon to Start Construction - Seeking Equipment Info

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    Soon to Start Construction - Seeking Equipment Info

    We have designed our pool and the following has been suggested. Any feedback, good or bad? This is our first pool, so I'd like to make sure we are off to a great start on equipment! We are complete pool rookies! Thank you!

    Pool - 18k gallons (~34'x20') sport style pool, with tanning ledge and bubbler
    Spa - 7x7 spa with bubbler
    Lights - (5) 2" GloBrite lights in Pool and (1) Intellibrite spa light - Does this seem like enough to have a great backyard space at night??
    Fire - We have it showing 2 NG fire inserts...and info on recommendations for a great fire look (possibly without a bowl just coming out of stone)?
    Water - (2) 12" sheer descents - I see a lot of options from Jandy, any better than the others?
    Plumbing - Returns (5 in pool, 6 in spa), 2 skimmers, 2 pool drains, 2 spa drains
    Filter Pump - Pentair Intelliflo VS
    Filter - Pentair Clean & Clear 520
    Cleaner Pump - Boostrite
    Heater - MasterTemp 400 NG
    Sanitization - Salt
    Cleaner - Pentair Racer Cleaner
    Blower - Silencer 2HP
    Automation - EasyTouch 8 w/IC40 and Screen Logic

    Deck Jets - Do you recommend these? Anyone used the Jandy ones? Are deck jets better than mini jets??
    StepCleaner - Anyone used these from Paramount? A good thing to have or not necessary?
    Twirlybyrd Spa Jets - Good or not recommended for spa?
    Other fun features you would recommend that don't just break the bank?

    THANK YOU in advance!!!

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    Re: Soon to Start Construction - Seeking Equipment Info

    Drop the cleaner pump and cleaner and get a robot after the build is complete.
    2016 Pool Build: 12k IG Blue Granite Pebblesheen, Travertine Coping & Pavers, Pentair IntelliFlo, Intellichlor, Easytouch, Clean & Clear 320, Heliocol Solar - TF-100 test kit w/ SpeedStir
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    Re: Soon to Start Construction - Seeking Equipment Info

    Welcome to TFP!!! I've had my pool about 2 weeks short of a year. You remember your fill date sort of like a birthday! I can't address everything you've listed, but I'll share what I know or think. Everyone around here is great at giving suggestions.

    Post a diagram of the design if you can. Some of the tech wizards can spot those little things newbies don't even know about. A picture or rendering of the pool would also be helpful - if you have one.

    Pool - Sounds like a good size. Those who have the sport style love it. I really enjoy having our tanning ledge and bubbler. It's so nice to have a wading depth.
    Depths - did you list what ya'll are planning? I don't have a sport style pool, but many people like having a 4ft shallow end rather than 3.5ft. Kids grow out of that depth faster than you expect. You definitely have to consider the average heights of the adults. I'm about 5'6" (used to be 5'7"!) and I love the 4ft depth for the shallow end.
    Spa - I like our 7' spa. It's bigger feeling than I thought it would be. Bubbler? Is that where a fountain comes up from the bottom? I've seen a few pictures of those - very pretty.
    Lights - I don't know anything about the ones you've listed. I WISH I had a light on our tanning ledge. It's ok without, but it would have been useful and give a little more WOW to the colored lights at night. We did get the colored lights and love them. We were almost talked out of them - glad we didn't listen.
    Water features - I have 2 sheer descents - one in the spa and one in the pool. I like them, but I also would have enjoyed having a nice scupper in the pool in place of that sheer descent. There are so many designs of scuppers - sort of makes your pool 'yours' or more unique. I do wish I had some way to regulate the force or volume of the water features including the bubblers. I read over and over how loud these water features can be, and I under estimated what people were trying to share. I can carry on a conversation with friends while the sheers and bubblers are on (some people can't), but I find it annoying and distracting. So I usually turn them off when I have someone over to visit with. Maybe some others can tell you the best way to do this. My PB told me I would be able to do so, but it seems very cumbersome, so I never do it.
    Plumbing - 2 skimmers are good. I have 6 returns in my pool and wish I had two more for circulation and moving debris more thoroughly to the skimmers.
    Filter - that sounds like a good upsize for your pool. That's similar to what I have, and it more than takes care of filtering without having to take it apart and clean the cartridges too often.
    Sanitization - I love having the Salt Water Generator (SWG) system for sanitizing the water. It has been easier for me than liquid bleach/chlorine, and the water feels wonderful.
    Pool Cleaner - I'm not familiar with the one you listed. I've heard of it but really didn't look into it. I have a robot which I love. You can look under Pool Cleaners for lots of discussion about the different ones. There are pros and cons to all. I like that the robot cleans the walls and waterline tile. I also like that it's not left in the pool all the time. (yours may not) The Dolphin robots by Maytronics have excellent reputations, and mine doesn't miss anything. I'm always amazed at the fine particles of dust/dirt/mud it picks up plus all the pine needles and crepe myrtle droppings I have. It's also easy to put in and take out -even for this old lady!
    Blower - Is that for your spa or cleaner? (see, I'm a little sketchy in places) If it's for the spa for more water action, I would encourage you to make sure you can vary the strength of the blower. On my spa, the blower makes way too much water movement.
    Deck jets - we were interested in them mainly from seeing pictures. Also, when we were planning, it was like 2 kids in the candy store wanting to get everything we saw! Lol!!! I read mixed reviews on here about them. Our PB wasn't a fan of them. He said they were one of the things he most often had to come out to adjust or unclog. Also, he said they're best when the air is very still. With a breeze, they can blow in directions you might not want or the arc breaks because of the breeze. Now we're done, I am very happy not to have them.

    If I didn't list one of your items, it's because I don't know enough about it. You're safer that way, right?!!!

    Other features:
    - being older, I like having pool steps that are about 6 inches in height (the riser) instead of the usual 10-12 inches. I've been surprised how much other people (not old) like the steps, too.
    - I didn't get umbrella sleeves for around the pool. Many people do and love them. The way our pool is, I would have been moving them too often, and I didn't want several umbrellas around my pool.

    I'm all out of ideas and opinions for now. You'll get lots from the others!

    Congratulations on building a pool. We love our pool!!!
    Suz~Cypress area~ 2015 pool build. 23K gallons. IG swcg system. 35'x18'; 573sf; 104' perim; depth 4'-7'. Bubblers, sheer descents, 7' spa. Jandy: color LEDs; 2HP 2sp pump; 1HP 2sp pump; spa pump; 580 cartridge; 400K BTU; Dolphin M500; PS8; Inline chlorinator not used; Aqua Pure 1400. Blue Granite Sheen. Travertine deck. Lightstreams Peacock Blue TF-100, K-1766, SpeedStir

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    Soon to Start Construction - Seeking Equipment Info

    Do you know if the Pentair lights you have can be operated to do special shows like running or alternating? I know they can do standard synchronized colors/shows, but it's advanced things I'm not sure of. With that number of individual lights you could have some awesome shows that you program. I know that with Hayward ColorLogic lights, one needs to also buy a ~$300 card which plugs into the automation panel to do the really awesome fancy stuff. I'd classify this as a very detailed level of spec that is often bypassed/overlooked and, frankly not of high importance. More of a techy/supercool feature.
    That said, color LED's are awesome regardless.
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    Re: Soon to Start Construction - Seeking Equipment Info

    The pump, filter and SWG are all good.
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