OK team, I have been lurking for a long time getting my pool chemistry figured out, now it's time to crank up the hot tub, and I will explain below what the problem is, thank you in advance for looking at my post!

Harken! For behold I bring you tidings of wonder and no joy! For this day in my house I moved in and started working on my hot tub. It was disconnected by the previous owner because they were going to move and were going to take it with until we asked them to leave it. I have 240V 40Amp service to the hot tub, I just re-connected their previous service line essentially.

OK, when I opened up the service panel, I saw that on the inside of the Gatsby panel (though the top says White Springs Spas), that if the orange wire was hooked up to spot 5 that it is 240V, so I wired for 240V and set the timer to always be on.

So I figured I would fill it up and see how she does. I do have a minor leak in one of the connectors, and saw that there were some products online, what would you guys suggest?

More importantly, I have started it, and it hums right along. A few problems. The jets are going, at least in what I assume is "circulation mode", with little force. Pressing the "turbo" button really ramps things up, but pressing the "Jets 1" button does nothing.

But, I figured maybe that's by design. Maybe. So I let it run for 3 hours, which at 240V should at least warm things by a bit. It was still very cold like it was straight from the hose. So I started checking online. Here's what I have checked.

1 - The amperage across the heater leads is 10.6 (which is low but still within limits) with the hot tub off.
2 - The Volts across the heater leads is 0 with the hot tub on.
3 - When I shut the valve on the right side of the heater, there is a "clicking" noise" to shut off the heater, and the heater does "click" off (which could be the pressure switch, but I don't know.
4 - The heating light does illuminate on the control panel when the thermostat goes high enough to trigger it (by the way my thermostat I believe is laying on the ground in the bottom of the hot tub floor (under the tub) where should it be connected to?
5 - I checked the leads coming into the hot tub, and they are 240V where they connect to the board.
6 - The heating element does not feel "warm" at all. I would assume if it was on that it would be hot/warm?
7 - on the picture, you can see a black box above the two heater connectors, I checked voltage at the top and bottom, it reads 0.

My thought is that the board is fried, but I don't even want to think about those costs. I couldn't find a Hi-Limit switch to reset either. As it does want to "click" on and off with the thermostat, something has to be wrong with a relay or something, right? Help!