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Thread: Suffering in MD

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    Suffering in MD

    Hi, and thanks for the welcome! I am ready to have my pool filled in no matter what it costs; so frustrated!! I have been to the pool store so many times I cannot count the time and money. I had a mustard algae bloom that the pool store initially told me was pollen. I found through the internet what it was and I have treated it. It was caused because I have not once been able to get and maintain a chlorine reading. The pool store keeps telling me how "perfectly balanced" my water is and that I need to shock it. I shock it every day (23500 gallons - 3 bags) and still no chlorine. I vacuum every day and still have a white powdery clumpy stuff on the bottom throughout the pool. When you stir it the water clouds, then over a few hours it resettles to the bottom. I am supposed to go on my first vacation in 15 years next week and now am afraid to go Any help?
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    Re: Suffering in MD

    Hi and welcome! Sorry to say that lots of people realize after spending lots of money that the pool store is not there to help people but to collect their money.

    If you are off to vacation, it might be best to order a test kit now (see signature) and it should arrive by the time you get back and we can start getting your pool TFP sparkly!

    In the meantime, here is some reading for you:

    Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
    Pool School - Read This BEFORE You Post
    Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals
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    Re: Suffering in MD

    Forget about the pool, go have the best vacation you can. When you come back do what these people tell you to and you will fall in love with your it. I'm 51 and have never swam in pool water like this.
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    Re: Suffering in MD

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    Gotta tell ya`, I too have had my moments, but, once I got test figures that I could trust (a.k.a. do it myself) I was able to map out a way forward to getting this pool thing under control -- TFP provided that "map"! At first I did not want to believe that the pool store folks wanted to drain my wallet, but it soon became obvious that this is exactly what they were up to. With that realization in hand, I have not walked back in the place for water testing and chemicals for over two months now (yeah, I'm a newbie here, but a FULL CONVERT!), and my pool is doing great!!!

    So, what to do in your case? First, order a good test kit as recommended (mine appears in my signature). Second, go on vacation with the knowledge that you can correct the pool issues and there are people here who look to help rather than syphon your checking account.....and do not be afraid of what you encounter when you return! I went to China on business for 3 weeks and when I returned my pool was more of a pond than anything else (and it was clear when I left!). A week after returning, it was crystal clear again!

    Get numbers with that test kit when you return, post them for this group, and folks will be kind enough to guide you through the rest. You may have a flush (or partial flush) ahead of you, there may be some extra cleaning that will be needed, but both will be worth the effort! Upon my return from China, I filtered and cleaned the filter like crazy! I had CYA above 100 and told myself, just flush the whole thing, scrub the walls with chlorine and water, and refill.....hard work but SO worth it to me.

    So, after the effort what lies ahead?.....simple maintenance. Check chlorine daily. Monitor your numbers and pay attention to any trend that emerges. Oh, and the other thing that lies ahead - a refreshing swim at the end of a long day, a cool dip following hard yard work, the sound of children having a great time, and good friends thankful for your efforts and sharing the results with them.
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