Hi All,

My Jacuzzi J-335 has not been heating up. I went through all standard troubleshooting steps for heating (removing filters, purging air-locks, etc) to no avail. Note that the control panel does not display any error, and the flow switch seems to be operating properly. Finally, I opened up the electrical control panel to inspect the wires / connections. I noted that the "Heater In" wire seemed to have blown. See the attached pics - the 2nd (circled part) shows the area where I pulled out the black "Heater in" connector. Note how corroded / burnt this part of the circuit board looks. The 1st pic shows the actual wire that I pulled out. The circled part here also shows that the connector is burnt / corroded.

Interestingly, though, I tested the wire/connector (and only the wire/connector) with an ohmmeter and all seemed OK. My question is - do I need to replace the circuit board here? If that's the case, it's certainly not a cheap fix, but at least I can pinpoint the problem.

Advice much appreciated.