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Thread: coping corrosion

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    coping corrosion

    I accidentally left my swcg on overnight and tested a high chlorine level this morning. Just to double check I went up to the Pool store and had it rechecked.
    Well, yeah it's 10PPM. So, I guess the little ones are staying out of the pool for a bit.
    I keep my CYA on the lower side, just enough to function well with the swcg. So, I'm hoping this bright sunny day will burn the high chlorine off quickly.

    Well, they also mentioned I have low calcium hardness. ...but I have a vinyl pool? They said the water will leach calcium from the liner? HUH? really? never heard of that, thought that was for plaster pools and such. So, I noticed that the aluminum coping has some very light corrosion on various parts of the edging. Does calcium harness have anything to do with this?

    FAC 10
    TC 10
    salt 3000
    CH 40
    CYA 60
    TA 50
    pH 7.6
    Pho 300
    24k gallon inground vinyl liner pool, 8'-3' depth, 2 skimmers, 3 returns, basic 5 chem kit.
    Hayward: DE-60 filter, Superpump VS, AquaRite salt chlorinator w/T-Cell 15, TigerShark QC robot. Jacuzzi hot tub ~350gal. Air blower type, w/8 jets.

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    Re: coping corrosion

    Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart
    Your shock level at 60cya is 24ppm fc, so it is ok to swim below 24

    I do not belive CH does anything to aluminum.
    Ha! I thought I read this here at one time. This should put your mind at ease!
    What does Calcium Hardness really do?
    There is nothing your calcium level will do to effect your vinyl liner either.
    ph level is important regarding corrosion levels of metal.
    INTEX AGP 15'x 48", 4440 gals.,INTEX 2650 gph pump w/ 16" sand filter, Hayward widemouth skimmer,INTEX SWG-CS8110, 1 1/2" hard plumbed PVC, Lil' Shark vac w/ leaf canister, INTEX floating LED pool light, solar cover with polaris solar reel, Access pool steps 200600T, TF 100 test kit, "The Slime Bag" x-tra polishing 18" x 30"

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