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Thread: Algae sticks around

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    Algae sticks around

    I am new with an AGP and had mustard algae as I don't quite understand the reagents and what does what. I have attempted to start the BBB method as I could not get rid of the algae by shocking, I started during the day at first, and everytime I would vacuum ever so slowly it would simply cloud up. I ran my pump 24 hours, still cloudy, used Algaecide 60, nothing worked. I have a simple 16' Intex pool, with an Intex 2400 pump, change filters almost daily. I have the feeling it is simply reciculating as the Intex pump does not have a waste option unless I simply un-screw the lid and let everything I vacuum run out on the ground.
    Yesterday I bought an Intex Salt water chlorinator and drained my pool and figured to start over completely. I also ordered an Intex Sand Filter 3000, which will be here tomorrow. The pool drained to the 4" mark and stopped due to the fool that installed it put the drain on the side that is slightly raised. It is 100 degrees out and the last time I drained it, it took 3 hours of a wetvac and buckets by hand. I was not going to do that today.
    I let everything settle then took a gander to see how much sediment is still on the bottom. Not a lot but enough to irritate me.
    Now, finally my question, will the salt water chlorinator get rid of the remaining algae or should I drain the pool and burn it?

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    Re: Algae sticks around

    Draining is the quickest fix for a small pool. You really need a good test kit and ignore the pool store, the test kits listed here are a good deal. Pool school is a must read, multiple times. Take notes on chlorine, PH and CYA levels.

    One way to get the rest of the water out is to siphon it out. I find it easiest by sticking a garden hose in the pool, bringing the other end to a lower point than the bottom of the pool then another hose held to that end. Have someone turn the faucet on to the 2nd hose and wait for all the air to get out of the end on the pool side then just release where you have the ends held together, simple siphon.

    Personally, I would dump half a gallon of 8% bleach in there and start filling it with water. Add the rest a couple hours later. The pressure from the hose should move the water around enough or you could stir it a bit. The thing is you need to keep the chlorine percentage up high enough to kill all the algae.
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