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Thread: New Pool Owner, Cloudy Water Problem

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    New Pool Owner, Cloudy Water Problem

    Hi Everyone
    Gonna give you the entire story in hopes someone can give me good advice. I have been reading the forum for weeks now and decided to post something for myself.
    Just bought a house and had every intention in filling in the pool. Summer is here and now I have decided I want it.
    Took the cover off, but had holes so some of the leaves and green algae fell into pool.
    Threw in 4ea 1lb bags of hth Super Treatment 4-in-1 Pool Shock. Seemed to clear up a tiny bit.
    Pool company came out 4 days later got pool system up and running and shocked again.
    Pump then died. Pool is VERY GREEN.
    Pool sat for 3 weeks with nothing running and no chemicals added. (We were trying to figure out what to do). Decided to go for it.
    Husband (plumber) installed new pump. Works great!
    Shocked pool with 4 1b bags of Home Depot Shock Max Blue. Pool very green but started to turn slightly blue. VERY CLOUDY. Added 16 ounces hth Algaecide
    Added a floater with 2ea 3"chlorine tabs since my CYA is low.
    After 24 hours I finally bought test kit (not Taylor) and strips.
    CYA was very low (strips)
    PH from blue kit was 7.8 or higher (maybe due to shocking)
    TA was high
    24 hours later I was nervous it was so high so I added PH down before I shocked again. I added approx 40oz of PH Down Sodium Bisulfate (20 the first day and 20 ounces the next day)
    Tested again the following day and levels all seemed ok except for the chlorine. I have none. also added remaining 16 oz of algaecide bottle. POOL WENT FROM LIGHT CLOUDY GREEN TO BLUE CLOUDY
    I bought 4 gallons of liquid chlorine. Put 2 gallons in Tuesday night. Tested Wed morning all levels seemed ok. Got home from work around 6 and tested, no chlorine (VERY HOT).
    Added the remaining 2 gallons last night. BLUE AND CLOUDY
    Ordered a Taylor 2006 test kit but doesn't arrive until Tuesday. Took water sample to pool store this am.
    Results were:
    FC - 3.3
    TC - 4
    CC - .7
    pH - 7.8
    Hardness - 70
    Alk (w/Stabilizer correction) - 127
    CYA - 10
    Cu & Fe - 0
    Total Dissolved Solids - 810
    Pool looks blue but is cloudy. Can see only one step in built in stairs.
    May be some leaves at bottom of pool from holes in cover and water from cover falling in. I have not been able to see bottom of pool since I opened it.

    Any suggestion?
    Should I add a little Stabilizer first or try scooping or vacuuming the leaves out before anything? Do I need more CYA for shocking the pool?
    Thanks in advance for any help or guidance you can give!!!
    Sorry if I forgot any important information. I tried to give everything, but I am new to this entire process and pools in general.
    Inground, Vinyl Liner, 27,500 gallon, Hayward Sand Filter S-220T older, New Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump 1.5HP,

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    Re: New Pool Owner, Cloudy Water Problem

    Welcome to the forum.

    We really only trust the test results from your Taylor kit.

    I suggest you put in one jug of Clorox each evening until you test kit arrives.

    Once it does, post those numbers up ASAP and we'll help you get the pool clear.
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
    TFTestkits , PoolMath , Pool School

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