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Thread: New pool owner, pool not clearing... HELP

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    Angry New pool owner, pool not clearing... HELP

    I first apologize if any frustration comes out from my post? I am really frustrated from all the pool stores, so coming here for help from community (which I didn't know existed until today).

    Short question: How in the world do people clean up the after opening them in summer? How many bags of DE do you all go through before it clears up? Is there a lot of white dirt at the bottom of the pool when you open it?

    Long description of what has happened so far:

    Mid May: Leslie Pool guy opened the pool. Told me to keep changing DE when pressure goes up. I didn't know how to read pressure (Thought green arrow supposed to go upto red, and didn't know there is a needle in the back). The pump kept loosing prime. Called Leslie.

    June First week: Leslie pool guy came back and said my filter was dirty. Cleaned the filter then told me that something is wrong with my pump since it's not maintaining pressure.

    Three days later: Leslie pool guy changed the pump and then told me there was a leak in return line. But he said pools should clear up. I should call American Leak association.

    Pool never cleared up. Everytime I brushed it, it for really dirty and never cleared. By now it's almost end of June. Then one day I realized that maybe leslie didn't close the pool properly, it cracked the line and now I am getting air. So I called leslie pool, a technician came out and told me it was my Jandy Valve. I need to change the O-Rings. So now I realize maybe I didn't need to spend $1200 on a new pump. But anyways, whatever.

    Went back to Leslie pool and they gave me the chemical that clears the water (diamond blue I think). It was expensive $70 for two bottles. It didn't do a darn thing.

    Went to another local store. They tested the water and said I should put 5lbs of alkalinity, 10lbs of shock and 6oz of diamond blue to clear up the water. After that, water cleared up, but there was a lot of white stuff at the bottom of the pool.

    So when I brushed the pool, it never cleared up again. My pool pump wasn't working. So I thought I need a pool robot vacuum so suck up all the dirt from the bottom. I purchased Polaris 9550 thinking it will clean properly. Well, it did, but the filter kept getting full again and again. Since it brushes, it made the pool dirty again and it's green and cloudy now.

    I went to another pool supply store and they did a 30min water test and told me that water is not holding clorine level up and alkalinity is low. They told me to put 25lbs of alkalinity, wait 2 hours, and then put 50lbs of shock (25lbs, wait 1hr and then 25lbs). I put the shock in last night.

    I checked this morning, and water was whiteish and filter pressure was up. So I backwashed the DE and put fresh DE.

    So far I have gone through 20 bags of D.E. and it doesn't look hopeful.

    What do I do? How do I get all the white stuff from bottom of the pool? How many bags of DE am I gonna need to use? Any help would be appriciated.

    Seems like everytime I go to pool store, they wanna take my money.

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    Re: New pool owner, pool not clearing... HELP

    Welcome! First two things on the list:#1 order a quality, recommended test kit,
    #2 Stop going to the pool store
    Make that three things. #3 Read this: Pool School - Getting Started
    and this Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain

    After you do the above, ask any questions you may have.
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