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Thread: Is This Hot Tub Worth Saving????

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    Is This Hot Tub Worth Saving????

    Hello all! This is my first post on this forum. I am a first time pool and hot tub owner, and this forum was a life saver when I opened up my pool for the first time. Now, I'm working on salvaging the hot tub. I bought a house with an existing above ground pool and separate above ground hot tub. The pool is up and running beautifully thanks to this forum. BUT, the hot tub is another story. When I lifted the over off the hot tub, it had a little bit of water on the bottom, and it smelled nasty, like mold. The inside was pretty dirty. I attached a picture of it for you all to see.

    Now, I have no idea how to operate a hot tub, and there was no owner's manual with it. Plus, I have no idea what kind of hot tub it is. So, I did a little research on what I should do to see if the hot tub even operates. So, I filled it up and checked for leaks. I discovered right away that one of the heater split nuts was cracked. So, I replaced it.

    Now, it's leak free, from what I can tell. So, I turned the power on from the breaker. It sounded like a turbine engine that was about to start, but it doesn't. That might have been the sound of the pumps priming? Anyhow, you can hear one of the pumps running, which is the pump that pulls water from the skimmer and sends it through the heater and back into the hot tub. There are two additional pumps that I believe are for the jets.

    So, I go to the control panel, and I start going through the different options. I was able to turn those jet pumps on, and I got the jets going. First off, the water pressure coming out of the jets was pretty weak. It was horribly weak, but it was differently weaker than I think a hot tub jet should be. Then, all of a sudden, the control panel stopped responding. The display was on, which had the temp of the water, and it said "heat". But, no matter which button I pushed, it wouldn't do anything. So, in order to stop the jets, I had to cut the power off at the breaker.

    I waited a few minutes, and I turned the power at the breaker back on. I was able to operate the control panel again. So, I start going through the options again, and, again, the control panel stopped responding. Then, the jet pumps tried starting on their own. So, I cut the power at the break again, and I haven't tried to do anything with it again.

    So, my question to all of you is, should I try to salvage this old hot tub, or should I scrap it and get a new one? Is this hot tub worth saving? If so, does anyone have any idea what could be wrong with it at this point? I attached a couple pictures for all of you to see what I'm dealing with. I have more pictures of the pumps and controls, but it won't let me post anymore. I can try to post them later if anyone wants to see them. By the way, I did read some things about air lock, and I did already go through the procedure of getting any trapped air out of the lines.

    Your advise and comments would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Is This Hot Tub Worth Saving????

    worth saving? probably yes.

    Above ground hot tub. That's funny.
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    Re: Is This Hot Tub Worth Saving????

    If the pump and plumbing is all good to go. The mold / algae can be disinfected with a bit of bleach. But the fact that there is no water in it, worries me. This might mean there are leaks.
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