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Thread: Leaky Spa

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    Leaky Spa


    I've been lurking here the past few months, soaking up lots of info! We closed on a house in April that included a 17k AG pool and a stand alone hot-tub.
    Thanks to the info here, the pool is great and water is crystal clear! A far cry from how it was when we got the place.. The house had been vacant for 9+ months, and the pool was left open - it had turned into a pond! For real.. I scooped out several frog carcasses while I was digging decaying leaves out...

    Anyways, onto the hot tub!
    The tub was drained before the winter by the people that winterized the place. But after draining it, they plugged the drain ports and then left the lid open. Brilliant. I assumed it would probably have issues given that it got water in the pipes over the winter..
    A few weeks ago, the pool had too much water, so I decided to drain it off into the hot tub to check it. Filled it about halfway, marked the spot, came back later. Water was down a ways.. Came back that evening.. Water had drained out to the level of the lowest jet.

    So... I suppose I can assume that the lowest jet has a leak. No idea then about the rest of them..

    Is it worth it to dig into the hot tub to see about fixing the leaks? Or based on the magnitude of my leaks, does it sound like I need to bring the Recip Saw out back?!

    I don't know the age of the hottub.. I do know that it did all work last year when we first saw the house..


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    Re: Leaky Spa


    Welcome to TFP

    The answer is "it may or may not be" worth it if you are handy and can change jets, controls, heater maybe, glue plumbing it may be worth it... If you do not like or know how to do those things it may not be..

    A great tub is about 6 to 10 grand, if a fixed one that you got working costs 1 grand you just saved 5 to 9 grand

    For that price saving add a 350 dollar megachlor salt water generator and have a great saltwater tub
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