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Thread: How to keep pool from turning green while I'm on vacation

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    Question How to keep pool from turning green while I'm on vacation

    Hello, folks. Long-time lurker, but just gotten serious about the TFP method this season, now that I have my powerful pool test kit.

    Anyway, my question is... I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks later in July. I don't have anyone who can really help maintain the pool while I'm gone. Assuming my pool is in good maintainable shape by then (which it's not, but I'm in the process of a SLAM, and it's coming along...) how can I keep it from devolving into an algae-pit while we are gone?

    I was thinking of getting one of those floaty things for chlorine tablets, and keeping it dispensing chlorine while I'm gone. The teenager who is feeding the dogs can probably re-up the chlorine floater if needed, but I don't think I can ask her to do tests or deal with liquid chlorine or anything like that. Will this work? Any other tips to keep us from losing all our progress in pool maintenance while we are away? (It's outrageously hot here and promises to continue to be.)

    Thanks so much in advance,
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    Re: How to keep pool from turning green while I'm on vacation

    Three things you can do when on vacation:

    1 - Raise FC to the recommended shock level for your CYA just before leaving. See Chlorine/CYA chart.
    2 - Put a floater with trichlor tablets in the pool. This will also raise your CYA, so be prepared.
    3 - Cover the pool with a solar cover (blue or opaque) to help reduce FC losses to sunlight.

    Make sure pool is pool water level is high enough to account for evaporation until you are returning to the pool.
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    Re: How to keep pool from turning green while I'm on vacation

    Or you could repair the SWG and fire it up.
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    Re: How to keep pool from turning green while I'm on vacation

    You could also set out pre measured chlorine for her to pour in the pool after she swims because we both KNOW she will! LOL

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    Re: How to keep pool from turning green while I'm on vacation

    How much liquid chlorine do you normally add each day? For example, can she just do a quart a day?
    Therefore no testing.
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