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Thread: Possible underground leak... worth fixing

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    Possible underground leak... worth fixing

    Hey folks...

    Just looking for some opinions. I've pretty sure I have an air leak on the suction side of my pool pump. I've done as much as i can to determine where the leak is coming from and it appears as though it's underground. I'm trying to decide whether I should have a pool company come out to my home and do their own testing and repair the problem. Assuming it is an underground leak... i'm probably looking at hundreds if not well over a thousand bucks for the testing and repairs. I'm wondering if it's worth the while for a bunch of bubbles? Some factors that are making me lean towards leaving it for now:

    - the piping is flexible pvc which from what i've read is not ideal
    - the concrete around my pool is all shifted and cracked... the vinyl liner is getting old and probably will need to be changed soon... the pool equipment is located in an annoying spot in my yard
    - short swimming season (2-3 months generally) and pool isn't heated
    - finances are tight at the moment

    Basically I'm gonna have some major expenses with the pool in the next few years I'm guessing. I'm thinking that rather then have someone come fix the possible leak now... i have the money and revamp everything at a later date. What's the worst with bubbles in the pump? I guess I'm aerating the water to a degree... driving up the ph... so I'll be having to manage the chemicals a bit more. I do have a very short swimming season being in Ontario and my water isn't heater either... so I don't get a whole lot of use out of it. Am i straining the pump any? Not sure what i should do... any opinions out there for me?


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    Re: Possible underground leak... worth fixing

    As a tip to find air leaks above ground, turn the pump on and prime it as much as it can. Then turn the pump off. If you see water coming out of the valve or the lid or where the pvc enters into the pump then that would be an air leak. This trick works to detect air leaks on suction side of the pump. Do it a couple of times and inspect everything in front of the pump. Cause underground leak repairs are expensive.

    Any questions just ask.

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    Re: Possible underground leak... worth fixing

    There is an article on suction side air leaks in Pool School. It may help. Leaving it alone is operating your pump very inefficiently and adding to your electric bill.

    What is your psi?
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    Re: Possible underground leak... worth fixing

    Can you quantify the amount of air. When you shut the pump off do you see any water on the outside. With my old pump, I had a small leak passed the oring on my pumps suction strainer cover. I lubed it up with the silicon grease and it did not leak anymore.
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    Re: Possible underground leak... worth fixing

    Tried that. No water came out. I took apart all the joints, cleaned, taped, applied tread seal, heated the pipes, and re clamped everything. Nothing changed. I also poured water over all the joints while it was running too... still air present. Pump gaskets are silicon lubed too. I was pretty thorough. I'm fairly certain the leak is underground. I also had a pool fence installed recently. It wouldn't surprise me if the company hit a pipe in the process. I don't see any water saturating the dirt/ground though... so I can't be 100% certain. I'd need the fancy equipment the pool companies have.

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