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Thread: timer not shutting off pump.

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    timer not shutting off pump.

    Hi. New to all this but have gotten some very helpful advice from the folks here so far.

    Two days ago, I added stabilizer so I took the "off" dog from the timer so the pump would keep running. It did.

    Now, I've reinstalled the off dog" and while it did shut down the heater and SWG, the pump keep running.

    The pump is a Hayward Max Flo VS. How do I get the timer to start shutting down the pump again?

    (If it matters, pool company also installed a fireman switch for the heater)


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    Re: timer not shutting off pump.


    A picture of your timer and any other external contactors or controller would be helpful.

    A few questions:

    1) What's the model # of your Timer?
    2) What's the voltage of your pump & SWG? Are they directly connected to this timer or is there an external control panel / contactor involved?
    3) When the timer switches OFF do you see a loss of power at the SWG?
    4) The Fireman Switch is controlling your Heater and is probably mounted to your timer enclosure adjacent to the dial face. It appears to be working OK but make sure it hits to OFF trigger.
    5) How is your Pump & SWG wired to the timer? In other words - what equipment is connected to the poles of the timer?
    6) The OFF trigger you removed might not be seated correctly. Remove it then re-seat it and test the timer/pump.
    7) If you manually advance the dial face ... do you hear the OFF trigger/timer contactor engage?
    --- If no .. then re-seat the trigger and re-test by advancing the dial face.

    For the future, depending on you model timer, you might want to consider just manually turning the timer "ON" & "OFF" rather than removing the triggers?

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    Re: timer not shutting off pump.

    A picture of your timer and your pump as well as the inside of any control boxes would be good here.
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