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Thread: Moving AGP - liner ID and bent butresses question

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    Moving AGP - liner ID and bent butresses question

    Hi all,

    moving an existing (~ 5 yr old) AGP from a neighbours property to mine. Was looking for help in identifying what type of liner I have. I assumed it was beaded as there is no overlap - but I have no experience and wanted to make sure. Pic from underside of top rail, outside pool wall:

    Also - the existing butresses/braces have buckled - minor in most spots, major in a couple. Any thoughts/advice on reinstalling these? Pics:
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    Re: Moving AGP - liner ID and bent butresses question

    additional brace pics:
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    Re: Moving AGP - liner ID and bent butresses question

    Hello and welcome to TFP.

    That looks like an overlap liner in picture 1. The light blue color is the liner material hanging over the edge of the sidewall. The semi-clear above it is the plastic coping edge that snaps over the overlap liner and top of the wall to secure it in place.

    As far as the bent butresses and other items I would want to know what caused the damage. Was it wind damage from the pool not being full at some point or due to the installation of the pool. While I have no experience with this type of pool (ours is ABG Round) I know that the site preperation is most important as to how strong the pool will be after it is installed. If it was me I would try and identify the brand of the pool and see if I could buy replacement parts for any of the ones that are damaged to the point the metal is creased. Once they have bent to the point the metal is creased it is weak at that point and subject to bending again or even a failure.

    In the meantime while you are waiting to make the switch to the pool take time to study this website, read Pool School, order the recommended Test Kit, read and study Pool School again. This will all be very beneficial to you enjoying the pool once your decision are made.

    I am sure some of the more knowledgable people on this forum will respond and give you some additinal advice and answers but again Welcome and hope all goes well for you.
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    Re: Moving AGP - liner ID and bent butresses question

    Well pretty much what DrC said except that I want to add "yikes" - it looks like the braces are bent as well as the uprights they connect to. You do need to find out the brand of pool to get exact replacement parts for some pools such as the Doughboy and some others - depending on the age of the pool from when it was brand new, it may be one of the many brands that are owned/manufactured by Wilbar so the parts are pretty darn similar for most of their pools (Sharkline, SeaSpray, and many others) - If you cannot identify the pool brand/manufacturer, I would actually go to one of the websites that have PDFs for installation/construction of the braced ovals and look at the parts they list - diagrams that is, not just the text where they tell you. Anyway, look to see if the parts are the same measurements, etc. Or, you can also troll pool merchant websites for a pool that has the same wall pattern - a lot of them will keep the same wall pattern for that particular model for many years. Maybe just go from there? Parts may end up costing as much as a new pool - who knows. You have to get a new liner for sure - you cannot empty a pool liner for longer than hours without risking shrinkage - once they shrink, they never stretch the same way and you risk a disaster.
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    Re: Moving AGP - liner ID and bent butresses question

    I don't know where you are from but do you get frost? Was wondering if it could be frost heave since these pics came from what looks to be under the deck.

    WoW! Good luck finding replacements. I had to do that one time and I might add that I was very lucky to find just what I needed.

    Please add your location under your name and the pool specs in your siggy by using the User Control Panel at the top left under the TFP logo. Welcome.
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    Re: Moving AGP - liner ID and bent butresses question

    I think Casey has a point.

    I've had the opportunity to see some frost heave damage and that kind of looks pretty similar. I'm sure you'd be able to "modify" a butress from another manufacturer if you're handy.
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    Re: Moving AGP - liner ID and bent butresses question

    I'm in NB, Canada and yes, I'm quite sure it's frost heave that caused the damage. The pool brand is Aquarian (appears connected to Cornelius) - I've emailed them in regard to replacement parts but have yet to hear anything back.

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