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Thread: Every Time I Clean Cartridge Skimmer Makes Gulping Noise

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    Every Time I Clean Cartridge Skimmer Makes Gulping Noise

    I posted about this before, but I'm starting a new thread because I think I'm onto a different issue. I have a Pentair Clean & Clear cartridge filter & pump system and every single time I have cleaned my cartridge element out so far this summer (which, since it's brand new has been like 3 times), my skimmer has started making a gulping noise and my pump basket looks like it won't fill up totally with water. I've been reading over my manuals trying to make sure that I am following every single step exactly.

    At first, I thought I was just losing a bunch of water and that it was making my water level in the pool way lower as I sprayed down the filter to clean it, but I've since installed a valve to stop water from coming in from the skimmer and bought a second cartridge element, so I seriously had the pump basket and filter open for all of 60 seconds. Maybe. So it can't really be serious water loss.

    The only thing I can think is this. I'm not doing the "open the waste drain valve" step in my manual, because I can't find this drain valve. There is a black bolt on the bottom of my filter that looks like it fits the bill, but it looks impossible to open without a wrench or something. If the manufacturer wanted you to open this and drain out all the gross dirty water, wouldn't they have made it easier to open?

    Do people really drain the water from their filter every time they clean out the cartridge element? Is it necessary? Could this be causing my issue?

    Right now, my skimmer flapper is sort of sucking down towards the basket at a 90 degree angle instead of floating along nicely, even though I added more water to the pool and turned the filter off for a while to give it a rest?

    I'd hate for this to happen every time I cleaned out the cartridge element because it just doesn't seem normal. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!
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    Re: Every Time I Clean Cartridge Skimmer Makes Gulping Noise

    I'm not sure about the cartridge type, but most filters require that step to let the extra air out. Just opening it, no matter how long, allows air in. I have to loosen the top of my filter basket on my sand pump in order to get the air out.

    How far up the skimmer are you keeping the water level? I noticed on my SIL's, if it is at the halfway mark or less, it tends to get air.
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    Re: Every Time I Clean Cartridge Skimmer Makes Gulping Noise

    I think your skimmer flapper is sticking. I just went through this myself. Mine had a buildup of scale along the top edge and when it would shut in the upright position, it would stick in the bracket. I took it out of the housing and lightly sanded the scale off and now it flaps freely. It is also possible for the flap to stick in the sides as well.

    Yes, dump all the water out of the black drain hole on the bottom of the cartridge tank, that is exactly what it is there for. I don't think that is the cause of the suckinmg noise...that I think is the skimmer door sticking not allowing you skimmer to fill completely.
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    Re: Every Time I Clean Cartridge Skimmer Makes Gulping Noise

    Either it is a stuck weir or your water level is just too low. After cleaning the filter, the head loss goes down, flow rate goes up so it is more likely to suck air from the skimmer. However, you shouldn't be needing to clean the filter that much so you may have water quality issues as well.
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