I debated indoor vs outdoor a few times in the past and always decided to go with indoor. However, now I have less space inside due to getting a desk, etc.

I am hoping to get some encouragement to spend the time and effort and put it outdoors. Maybe tips that would help avoid a lot of the problems. My spa has a vinyl liner and inflatable vinyl cover that has straps that snap together. My liner already had a tear and it was pretty hard to patch up.

Basically, I want to know if I would end up regretting the choice because of a) the parts getting too dirty and needing more cleaning or maintenance b) energy costs possibly being way too high in the winter and then I feel like I can't even use it and need to tear it down c) risk of tearing a hole in my liner or having other damage occur and need money to fix, such as damage to the cover d) other stuff I haven't really thought about

Also in the past, even when I had it indoors, I had no idea how to maintain it chemical wise. But I am hoping that I can learn a really simple routine that is effective. Now that I have learned about BBB for pools. To save energy I would possibly use the tub for 2-3 weeks then shut it down for 2-4 weeks, then start it back up.

I am aware of some of the benefits of having it outdoors, and certainly in the summer it would not need too much electricity. By the time winter came around I would try to have a DIY solar heater, but I am not sure how likely it is that I will have the time and money for the heater. I was thinking that the same DIY heater could be used for the pool in the summer and spa in the winter, it would just run less time (on a timer) for the spa.

Seemed like indoors the spa cost me $100/mo to run? I don't know the numbers and would like to know more about how much per week it would cost if outdoors and how much indoors. (Indoors is not a good option anyway due to space.)

If I put it outdoors, I probably need to put in my slightly bumpy concrete patio area. So I thought maybe I should put some hard wood board underneath. It could go either underneath the deck or out in the open. Not wanting it on top of the deck.

Of course, maybe I will not move it until autumn. Not sure if I would use a hot tub in the summer outdoors. Then again, the pool temp is often too chilly for me and I like to heat up before and after the pool.

Any input is appreciated.