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Thread: sorry for another "algae or pollen" thread...

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    sorry for another "algae or pollen" thread...

    We have a 15 x 30 pool with 54" walls... our pool store says this is 10,000 gallons, but we use 14,000 in for our math based on volume equations we've found online.

    CYA = 30
    FC range is therefore 2-4
    We aim FC for 6, test multiple times each day, and have never fallen below 2.
    Brush every other day, vacuum weekly, vacuum to waste every other week
    CC = 0
    Water is crystal clear
    Tons of activity and splashing in the pool on a daily basis
    We use the BBB method taught here
    We use the test kit recommended here
    Entire pool gets full sun all the time
    Overnight loss tests for the last week are all much less than 1 each night.
    We've tried aiming the inlet a few different directions.

    We have a greyish sediment across the entire pool bottom. If you touch it, it poofs away. Kids splashing, poofs it away. Nothing on the walls. Ladder is clean. Around the skimmer and inlet is clean. Pool toys not left in.

    We vacuumed to waste yesterday, backwashed the filter, and covered the pool overnight (unusually cool night). No sediment at all when we went to bed. First thing this morning before any sun is out, the sediment is back. Overnight loss was about .4. Water still crystal clear. FC still at 6 (above the 2-4 required range). CC still at 0.

    I feel like we're checking everything and are OK - just pollen or similar, not algae - but wanted to gut check with you all to see if there's anything else we should consider. I remember some recommending adding DE to the skimmer basket to help capture fine sediment. Maybe that's all we need to do?
    14,500 gallons, 15x30x52" AG "Wilbar Escalade, Rolled Steel Wall", sand filter "micro media 1 hp filtration system" (single speed pump), aqualuminator underwater light, aqua comfort heat pump, pool installed spring of 2014, test kit = FAS-DPD, filled from city water supply

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    Re: sorry for another "algae or pollen" thread...

    You just hit every trouble shooting step great job...

    Can you get any of the substance and drain it through a paper towel, is it sandy or is it a greenish color?

    When was the last time you deep cleaned your sand filter? if never try that and then you can add DE 1 cup at a time until your pressure goes up 1 PSI and see what that does..

    If those 2 steps do not work you could take your pool to SLAM level for a couple days and see if that clears it.. maybe some algae got started but because you are running a higher level it is killing it off but just enough is still growing that you are seeing dead algae..

    I hope this helps
    Pool: Intex 16x32 15000 gal, 2 speed 340042, Pentair CC320 Filter, CircuPool SJ45 Salt System, Intermatic PE653RC; Hot Tub: 650 Gal SWG Megachlor
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