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Thread: Very lost - chlorine and skimmers

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    Very lost - chlorine and skimmers

    I have been reading this forums as much as possible hoping I would not have to add another thread of despair. Two problems- how much chlorine and skimmer. I have an above ground Coleman pool 16x48- I started adding a little of the Clorox granules I bough from Lowe's - I use the test strips to check free chlorine, ph and alkalinity I am sitting in the sun trying to make them dissolve so I don't bleach out the bottom of my pool- Is there a more efficient way to add chlorine Next problem is all the junk that sits on the pool floor- leaves, dirt. Someone said I needed a skimmer for the pool- I thought this was the device you scoop the leaves off the surface with but apparently it is something you place on the side and hook up to your filter. Any help is greatly appreciated-


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    Re: Very lost - chlorine and skimmers

    Hi Kelly! It really sounds like you have a few things happening at once, and perhaps a bit more to learn, so some of it will require some TFP "Pool School" reading to build on your foundation of learning. But I'll try to help you with a few things:
    - FC (free chlorine) - best to simply use regular bleach (HEB Bravo or Wal-Mart Great Value). Use the Poolmath calculator (link below) to assist in dosage. Ask if you need help.
    - Stabilizer.. did you ever add any? Stabilizer (CYA) protects the liner and swimmers from the harshness of chlorine. It also serves as a form of sunscreen for your chlorine to last longer.
    - pH must always be in the 7.5-7.8 range.
    - We generally never add anything directly to the skimmer. Many chemicals are either too potent or thick to go straight to the pump/filter like that. Add bleach slowly near a return jet with pump on to mix and/or assist by stirring around with a brush.
    - Debris that gets water-logged and sinks needs to be vacuumed-up. For a simple AG pool there are several simple vacuums available to do that.
    - Most important .. how are you testing your water? Only strips? That is very important Kelly. I would highly recommend either a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C. In a pinch, for a few days, you can get a Wal-Mart 6-Way test kit (drops never test strips), but that won't last long.
    - Also try to add your pool info to your signature for us to see on every post. It helps.

    Summary - If your water is crystal clear (no cloudiness or algae), validate or increase your CYA to about 50. FC should be increased with regular bleach and be around the 5-6 target. Never let your FC go below 3. PH should be in the mid-7s. Let us know if you have more questions.
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