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Thread: DE filter run without de powder

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    DE filter run without de powder

    I just tried backeashing my pump and none of the gunk came out. This was very unexpected.

    I have a feeling that my pool guy forgot to load the filter with de after the last backeash( I let him go about two months back for other other pool maintenance related reasons).

    The question I have is if the pump has been running for the last two months without de powder what are the adverse consequences? Are the grids toast or will I be able to recover them. I haven't opened up the filter yet.

    Let's say the grids are good. Is there a special de grid cleaner that I can use to take care of the organic material that has probably been pressed into the grid by now.

    Please note that the reason I was backeashing in the first place was the pressure was too high on the filter. Could this happen even if the pump has been running without any media?

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    Re: DE filter run without de powder

    It wouldn't ruin the grids running with no DE. Just not efficient. Open it up and see if there's any DE in there. As far as cleaning. They sell products made for that. But soaking in a diluted bleach solution will also do the trick, then hose off real good.
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    Re: DE filter run without de powder

    Good that the pool guy is gone!

    More here
    Pool School - Maintenance and Cleaning of Pool Filters
    and here
    Use and care for DE filters
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    Re: DE filter run without de powder


    I tend to agree with mikemass . I've read that it will ruin D.E. Grids to run for an extended time without a D.E. charge on the Grids but it would appear that your incident disputes that contention.

    If your pool water appearance looks good and your D.E. Filter PSI readings are normal after charging with new D.E. , I'd say that's a good indication that your Grids are functioning ok.

    I usually try to limit the time when my D.E. Filter is running without a D.E. charge (ie, right after a Backwash and before charging with ne D.E.) , like when I'm bleeding off air from the Filter Tank prior to adding the new D.E. . It's only running without D.E. for a couple of minutes since I have prepared my D.E./water mix before turning on the Pump and it's ready to pour into my Skimmer.
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    Re: DE filter run without de powder

    Thanks guys for your feedback. I took the grids out last night and have soaked them in TSP solution overnight(approaching 24 hours). Just now I picked one of the grids out of the solution and it took about 3 minutes for the water to fully drain out of the grid(Actually i tried it on 3 different fins with the same results). I read on the guide(from pooldv's signature) that they should drain within 30 seconds. Even after a TSP soak of close to 24 hours I am nowhere close to 3 minutes. I have also uploaded a clip to youtube of the drain test(youtube clip about 50 seconds long. slightly better than watching grass grow).

    my grids are unicel fs2005. Do you have any experience with these grids and the time it takes for them to fully drain.

    I have a couple of options:
    1)assume 3 minutes is a reasonable time for the fin to drain.
    2)soak it in muriatic acid solution and hope that will take care of it.
    3)suck it up and buy a new set of grids.

    Will take the next step based on what I hear from you guys.

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