I have a 4' X 13' aluminum "fan deck" that will sit directly on top of the pool edge/ledge. Two ledge pieces of the 18' round pool will need to be disassembled so the deck can be screwed on top of the pool edge in place of the two pieces that just came off.

My question to owners of these decks or anyone with experience with them, is how does one account for the height of the deck in terms of placing the deck onto the pool? Does the ledge end of your deck flex up and down slightly? I can see the pool wall buckling from this assembly just from the design of the structure. The deck ledge, where it will sit on top of the pool is very flexible. It will definitely flex when someone sits or stands on it to get into the pool. It seems to be made that way. It moves up and down with the press of your hand.

Here is a pic of an example, not the actual deck I have. It is in the middle of the page on the right. You can see how the ledge of the deck will overhang past the pool ledge, but in this example, the top ledges of the pool do not come off. My ledges would come off to be replaced by the deck... http://www.poolproducts.com/SPP/product ... 201&FNM=90

My guess is just to install it EXACTLY, PERFECTLY in line with the height of the pool wall ledge, with zero error tolerance, but, #1, that will be extremely difficult. #2, I'm not sure that is the answer because it does flex up and down. How scary is that thing on top of a pool wall? ouch! Ehhh, it's only 8000 gallins... lol