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Thread: Clear to cloudy while swimming

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    Clear to cloudy while swimming

    If the FC is in acceptable range, what causes the pool to go slightly cloudy after several people (or many) are swimming for awhile? Seven of us swam tonight and I thought I noticed a slight touch of cloudiness at the very end, whereas the pool had started crystal clear.

    I tested when we were done and FC is at 8.5 (still coming down from my impromptu shock due to paranoia) and CC was 0. (CYA was added to target 80 a couple of days ago, but I haven't checked it yet.) If there is indeed some cloudiness from our time in the pool, do I do anything about it? Will it take care of itself if our FC is in range? I am running the pump overnight because I'm trying out a fountain we made in an attempt to drop the water temperature, but would I want to filter all night even without the fountain running?

    I'm also asking because we are having a pool party on Sunday and I want to be prepared for the high bather load. I know to bump the FC up beforehand with bleach, and afterwards too, but I'm curious as to the causes of cloudiness forming while swimming (whether or not my pool actually got slightly cloudy tonight, which might be my continuing paranoia )

    Thanks in advance for enlightening me!
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    Re: Clear to cloudy while swimming

    This happened to me before... Seems like the added swimmers increases the bio-load. Also things like sunblock and such will cloud the water. Looks like your FC is correct range. I ran my filter overnight for two days and it eventually cleared up. The next time I knew I was going to have high load, I put the SWG on boost for the entire time and this prevented any cloudiness. Looks like you have the bigger version of my SWG. I'd say try it out next time once this clears. I'd give it a couple days with the filter running 24 hours to filter out anything in the water and back flush.
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    Re: Clear to cloudy while swimming

    Yes, it is fairly normal, skin oil, lotion and what not will temporarily cloud the water. Keep FC up above target a couple of PPM. Running the pump overnight will help too. On whatever your fave low rpm is, mine is 1100 rpm. It should be cleared by morning.
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