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Thread: Strange pattern, is it my board?

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    Strange pattern, is it my board?

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I have an odd problem, looking for advice.

    10 year old Apollo Spa (Purchased used 4 years ago
    Board: 10 year old Gecko: MC-MP-P122-P222-B2-02-CP2-NE Options LS-HP-IR-T2-AMP-AP1
    Pump 1 4 HP Waterway - filter, heater, continuous run two speed - New 4 years ago
    Pump 2 4 1/2 HP, old - two speed secondary jets, runs on speed 2 for a minute at 12 hour filter cycle
    Blower disconnected for troubleshooting
    Ozone - not working, disconnected
    Heater hard wired but turned down all the way for troubleshooting

    Problem: Two weeks ago, pump 2 stopped working. Just the click in the control panel.
    Last week, drained a little water from pump 2 to make sure no air block or something (running out of ideas), a small puddle of water accumulated under pump 1. My fiddling around did not help recover pump 2.

    48 hours later, the breaker trips. Keeps tripping instantly when I turn it back on. If I unplug pump 1, breaker stays on.
    Pump 2 still won't work in Pump 2 power plug, but discovered it works just fine if I plug pump 2 into the pump 1 power plug.
    Breaker trips instantly if pump 1 is plugged into power plug for Pump 1 or Pump 2.
    Then yesterday, after a couple days of letting the interior dry out, I was able to turn on breaker with Pump 1 plugged in. It worked first speed 1, then I moved to speed 2. But breaker started tripping again as soon as Pump 1 is stepped back down to speed 1. Got it going again. first speed 1, then manually set to speed 2. When pump stepped itself back to speed 1 after 10 minutes or so, the breaker tripped again and now can't get breaker to stay on if Pump 1 is plugged in.

    Since pump 2 works fine if I plug it into pump 1 power, I'm thinking I have a board problem? Pump 2 runs well, smooth when plugged into pump 1 power. For the brief time I could get Pump 1 running without breaker tripping, it also sounds/runs fine.

    Are there other types of problems that could cause this behavior? Nothing else changed in the environment. The fuses on the board all look fine. Checked connections and looked for frayed wires several times. Are there components on the board I could replace rather than the board itself? Other ideas?

    I reached out to the hot tub repair shop just down the street but they are backed up with the summer rush for a few weeks. So thought I would check here since I was able to get the breaker to stop tripping briefly yesterday.

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    Re: Strange pattern, is it my board?

    Welcome to TFP

    You have done a lot of troubleshooting, it may be the main board, the motor itself or the breaker.. it is something that is not consistent so very hard to troubleshoot... I wish I could help more, maybe someone else will have seen this before and be able to help
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