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Thread: STUPID QUESTION ALERT! How do I control FC with a SWG?

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    STUPID QUESTION ALERT! How do I control FC with a SWG?


    Fairly new to this so sorry for the dumb question. I just had a Jandy Auqapure installed yesterday. I dumped in a bunch of salt a few days ago and the SWG is up and running now. Everything seems to be working fine.

    I currently have about 20 CYA in the pool (will try to get that up to 60-70 in next few weeks), but how can I get the FC up to 5 (target) once I hit 70 CYA, but right now FV its at like 3.

    How will the SWG know to get it up to 5? The unit is very simply, just can programs 20/40/60/80/100%, not much else. Does higher mean more FC? I am struggling to figure out how to get the CYA to 70 and ensure the SWG knows to keep the FC at 5?

    Can anyone chime in?
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    Re: STUPID QUESTION ALERT! How do I control FC with a SWG?

    Use bleach to get to the initial level. Use the SWG to maintaine the level. You will adjust % and runtime based on your test results.
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    Re: STUPID QUESTION ALERT! How do I control FC with a SWG?

    For now the pool is fine for how much FC there is, but you will need to watch it daily until you get the SWG dialed in.

    The SWG does not have any control features that let it know how much chlorine is in the pool. What you will need to do is test the FC each day and if it is at the level that you want then no more adjustment is required. If the FC is low, then you have some options that you can do to raise it. The first is to increase the pump run time, the second is to increase the %, and the last is to raise them both. If the FC is too high you do just the opposite.

    If you need a large bump in FC it is best to add bleach to get the FC up and then let the SWG take over from there.
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    Re: STUPID QUESTION ALERT! How do I control FC with a SWG?

    The first thing you want to do is buy some stabilizer and put some stabilizer in a sock And put it in the skimmer basket or hang it from your ladder used pool math to do your calculations and figure out how much you need to get your pool to 70 CYA . The percentage dial is how you control the level of your chlorine for your SWG so the higher you turn it up the more Chlorine you make

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    Re: STUPID QUESTION ALERT! How do I control FC with a SWG?

    KISS as they say... All you really have to do is turn the knob. If you want more Chlorine turn it up, if you want less turn it down. The SWG won't tell what the FC is, that is why you have to test it every now and then. you will test a lot in the beginning as you get a feel for how your system responds to usage, weather, CYA level, age of the system, length of time you run it, etc. When you get the CYA level up you will find it will hold the FC better and you can turn the knob down.

    Many people will do an initial chlorination with liquid chlorine, for example, and then use the SWG to just maintain it. That theoretically will extend the life of the cell. I just replaced my cell and I started at my CYA dissolved. As the system has stabilized I've been turning it down each day until the chlorine production will match target of 4-5 FC. I'm currently down to 25% but we have a hot spell coming so I'll leave it there to see how the FC holds through the high temps and extra swimmers.
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