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Thread: cloudy water-low Chlorine

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    cloudy water-low Chlorine

    Here are my levels:
    FAC 0
    PH 8.2
    TA 80
    Calcium Hardness 130
    CYA 30

    Inground Gunite Pool I believe 30k gallons. I am not exactly sure how to measure to take in to account the ratio of shallow to deep. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

    I have a few additional questions
    I been trying to clear up the pool that I opened last weekend. The pool was a total swamp when I opened the cover.
    I have been adding bleach and a few bags of left over shock from last year. I have been running the filter 20-24 hours a day.
    I have not been too conderned with the ph levels. I was just trying to kill all the "green mess!" So far the fool is getting a bit clearer and much of the swap is gone. I can now see the bottom of the shallow end...well most of it!
    1) was this a mistake (ignoring the other levels?)
    2) What should I do right now? I added about 7 gallons of bleach tonight and the one remaining bag of powder shock that I had.
    3) I know I need to raise my Hardness. Is it ok to wait until I kill all of the green and get rid of the algea? I already have some plaster that has "flaked of the wall" This started two years ago but looks progressively worse. I am hoping to keep the pool going this year and possible do a new plaster job in the fall. Any suggestions on this issue would be appreciated as well!

    Many thanks!
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    Re: cloudy water-low Chlorine

    Welcome to TFP!

    You should lower the PH to between 7.6 and 7.8 as soon as possible. Keep in mind that your PH might be much higher than 8.2, since the common PH test will read 8.2 when the PH i much higher than that. Also remember that you shouldn't trust the PH test result when the FC level is above 10.

    After adjusting the PH, go back to shocking the pool.

    Depending on what kind of "shock" you have been using, your CYA level may have gone up dramatically or the CH level may have gone up somewhat. Check on the package and tell us what kind of shock you have been using. If it is dichlor, and has been adding CYA, you need to get a new CYA test result to see if your need to adjust your shock level FC target.

    Simply averaging the shallow and deep end depths is usually good enough for measuring volume.

    I would go ahead and add about 50 ppm of calcium right now, and then do the rest after the water is all cleared up.
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