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Thread: Single speed pump vs varialbe or 2 speed

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    Single speed pump vs varialbe or 2 speed

    Wouldnt you lose filteration capability using a 2 speed pump?

    It costs less electricity to use a 2 speed or varaible speed, but at reducing your filteration/flow.

    What am i missing?
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    Re: Single speed pump vs varialbe or 2 speed

    Wouldnt you lose filteration capability using a 2 speed pump?
    There is very little debris that is suspended in pool water that can be remove by the filter so it's main purpose is to remove the debris that the skimmer collects off the surface of the pool. Bottom cleaners too.

    Lower speeds may or may not be sufficient for the skimmers to remove this debris because the skimmer requires a minimum flow rate to actually skim debris off the surface but that is dependent on the setup.

    However, if flow rates are too fast, it can actually push that debris all the way through the filter. So lower speeds are actually better at removing debris than are high speeds. As long as the skimmer is working properly.
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    Re: Single speed pump vs varialbe or 2 speed

    Filters are very efficient at lower flow rates. I run my pump at 1100 rpm to skim, filter and make chlorine with the SWG. The pump only uses 150 watts running at 1100 rpm. I don't think it is possible for my pool water to be clearer. Pics of ridiculously clear water in build thread, link in sig.
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    Re: Single speed pump vs varialbe or 2 speed

    I went from a 1 hp 2 speed and just recently installed a Pentair Intelliflow 2. I am playing around with dialing in the right speeds. I have a cartridge filter on a 12,000 gallon pool. I can get no where near the highest possible speed because it turns my pool into a jacuzzi and pushes the leaves right past the skimmer. I have it in the 2200 rpm setting on high but because of the bigger impeller on this 3 hp it pushes a lot more water. For the low speed I have it at 1500 rpm which I think is also too high. I am playing around with that also. My 2 speed worked great when it was working.

    The pump was out for 5 days and even though I was keeping shock levels high it clouded up. Once the new pump was installed it cleaned that up through filtration.

    Both 2 speed and variable speed worked great. I am just going to use less power once I have this dialed in. Work in progress.

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    Re: Single speed pump vs varialbe or 2 speed

    My old single speed 2hp pump would draw 2800watts anytime it was on. My new 3hp intelliflo pump does the same job while drawing about 10% of the electricity. If I ramp it up to a higher speed for a hour to do a quick clean on the pool it's still drawing less than 1/2 of the old pump. Add in the fact that it's virtually silent, built-in timer and programming, and total flexibility to tailor the flow to the task at hand, and you begin to get the picture.
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