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Thread: Working through my Baquacil conversion (sorry, no photos yet)

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    Working through my Baquacil conversion (sorry, no photos yet)

    I just bought a house with an inground pool, details in signature line. After closing, water was clear, but lots of garbage in bottom of the pool, and the water smelled like a swamp.

    Having had a pool at the parent's house years ago, decided to add some shock and chlorinate the water. All I had was test strips, showing good PH and alkalinity, no CYA or FC. Added 4 lbs of powdered pool shock and was surprised at the resulting changes to the pool. This was Friday, found out that the pool was previously maintained using Baqaucil.

    Since then, I have been shocking the pool every day, I have gone through about 15 lbs of powder shock and 4 gallons of liquid shock. As of Saturday, I was unable to get a FC reading to even register on test strips, and the water would still change colors every time I shocked it.

    Since I have found this site, I used up all my remaining pool shock on Saturday evening to try to get a FC reading of 15ppm (I know its impossible to verify with just test strips), also have a source of cases of bleach from a wholesale restaurant distributor now. Today was the first day that my test strips were able to detect any FC in the pool, it was at around 3 ppm 24hrs after shocking, and the water is starting to clear up (I can see the bottom of the shallow end now).

    I ordered the TF-100xl with stirrer today to get some accurate numbers, but looking for advice on how to continue until it arrives. Should I just keep shocking it until I get the test kit, and guesstimate where I am with the test strips until then? I backwash the filter after 10 psi of pressure rise, which happens about every day and a half. Is there light at the end of the tunnel, or do I have a ways to go on this yet. I know I'll have to change my filter sand soon, I just wish I had known about this site before I got myself into this.
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    Re: Working through my Baquacil conversion (sorry, no photos yet)

    Stop adding tabs or granular chlorine. Unless you are using Cal-Hypo, you are adding CYA to the water. The conversion is a bit more difficult if there is CYA in the water, but still pretty reasonable with CYA less than 30.

    From here on out, add one jug of liquid chlorine per evening until you get your test kit and if you follow these instructions to a T, you'll have your pool converted in relatively short order.

    You're guesstimating regardless with test strips.
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