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Thread: New to TFP and new SWG

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    New to TFP and new SWG

    So thankful I found this site when I first stared with pools a few years ago. Finally decided to take the plunge and become a member because you've all been so helpful.

    Sadly, we did not winterize or pool last year and we had to drain/start fresh. We did convert to an intex SWG in the process, though! Recently, I've been wondering if we should have replaced the sand in our filter??

    We got all set up about 3 weeks ago, then went on a week long vacation and returned to quite a bit of algae a week ago (I guess I thought the SWG would prevent that on it's own). I treated that and thought we were good to go. However....

    The SWG has consistently read "low salt", but when I had the water tested (pool store) a week ago, the chlorine read super high. All my other numbers were perfect.

    We also have some bad staining on the bottom. Today, I did the "vitamin c test" and the stains immediately lifted anywhere we placed the tablet. Ascorbic acid: is this also sold as "lemi-shine"?

    Here are my readings today, using my hth test strip and small drop kit (I know, I know--I'd like to use these up before I have to buy something else and I always have the pool store as a last resort):

    BR-8.8 (can someone explain what this is?)

    -------so how bad am i?--------
    Kristi, Kansas
    15,000 gal intex, above ground
    Sand filter, SWG

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    Re: New to TFP and new SWG

    Hi, and welcome to TFP-Finally!

    Depending on how much chlorine is producing will determine if it can keep up with the FC demand while on vacation. You need to make x amount if it to keep up the minimum level. Here is a reference chart for CYA/FC.

    If the SWG reports Low Salt, but the test shows good, then your SWG might not be working properly. I dont know how to advise for an Intex one as I dont have any experience with those.

    As for your test results.
    With CYA of 40, Your FC is way too low, it should be ranging between 3 and 5.
    Your pH is too high - use muriatic acid to lower it to about 7.6
    CH of 400 is higher than we would like to see, but if you maintain your pH, shouldnt be a problem.
    your CYA of 40 is lower than recommended for a Salt pool. Recommendation is 70-80

    Your TA controls how quickly pH rises, 240 is very high and if you see your pH rising quickly, this is why.
    Its not critical in keeping your pool algae free, but if you can get the TA down, you wont have to add Muriatic Acid as often to lower the pH.

    Pool School - Recommended Levels
    Divin Dave,
    IG Vinyl, 15' x 30', 3 1/2' - 6' deep, Oval, ~15K gal, Intelliclor IC40, Intelliflo VS pump, Clean and Clear 420 Filter, auto-fill-disabled, Retrofit LED Color Light, Dolphin Nautilus Robot, TF100 Test Kit, Taylor K1766 Salt Test Kit, Tftestkit Pressure Gauge. Experience- it's what's learned just after you needed it most !!

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