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Thread: HELP! ALL THIS RAIN is messing up the pool!

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    HELP! ALL THIS RAIN is messing up the pool!

    Ok, what are you all doing to keep the pool clear in all this rain? ( Those who are getting beat to death with this tropical depression) FL,GA,SC,

    My pool was sparkling, but all this rain, made it get **** on the bottom, so I got in that freezing water and vacuumed the heck out of it. Been putting lots of bleach in it too. Just put in some algacide, as I need to get back in and vacuum it again. Plus, I am leaving the pump running 24/7. It's suppose to be crappy weather all this week again!
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    Re: HELP! ALL THIS RAIN is messing up the pool!

    besides being near overflowing, mine looks great.
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    Re: HELP! ALL THIS RAIN is messing up the pool!

    Surprising enough we got nailed with the remnants of Hurricane whatever it was last labor day weekend, and it rained record rains for three to four days. It was crazy...something like 12 inches of rain in three days...My basement got water and they called school on account of the flooding...And this is northwest Indiana. During it all when I could, I would add bleach...test and then circulate. All in all I kept the pool about 5 ppm FC, and when I had to I used the pump to blow water out my back wash valve and then test again...But through it all I had no horrible bounce in my numbers...I think CYA went down some...but I added more and it was fine. Just stay on top of it. I had the same fears that the storms would cause everything to go way out of whack...and as long as I kept up with it...The water was just fine.
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    Re: HELP! ALL THIS RAIN is messing up the pool!

    We had nearly 6" of rain last Saturday within a few hours. The pool overflowed on the skimmer, no big deal. On the Sunday I used all of that free water for several backwash-and-rinse cycles and was fairly disgusted at the green color of the backwash water. I don't do any water testing when it rains like this. Instead, I dump in 4 cups of bleach and run the pump on its normal night time cycle. It rained again on Sunday, Monday was great, and today more rain. Tomorrow I'll run the tests and adjust as necessary.

    We haven't had a lot of high wind with this particular storm so there aren't many leaves r other debris in the water. What there is I scoop out with the net and I might brush the bottom a little but for the most part I just leave it alone (other than some best-guess bleach additions until the weather clears.

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    Re: HELP! ALL THIS RAIN is messing up the pool!

    I upper the setting on the SWCG, and also run it at 100% for several hours. This raised my FC to close to 5 ppm and its staying there. I had to pump water out of the pool twice, on the second time, afterwards I added salt and CYA. Beyond that I check FC and pH every other day and correct as necessary.

    Right after the rains, on Friday, I noticed that the water was tarting to look cloudy. So I did an over night check of FC. Only lost 0.2 ppm! That was abig relief. Rains have started to slow down and by Monday the water was crystal clear.

    So I suggest running a higher than normal FC, check and correct your pH often, and wait it out. Once the rains slow down, do a complete test and correct as necessary.
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