I have a 14 month old Intellichlor i20 and a 10,000 gallon pool. The SWG comes with a salt light to help monitor salt levels. Green is good, flashing green salt is high, and red means salt is low. 6 days ago neither salt light, red nor green were lit. The owners manual says nothing about what no salt light means. I cleaned the SWG thinking this may fix the problem. It didn't. Then I noticed if I cup my hands around the green light to block the sunlight I could see the salt light was lit but it was very dim and even appeared to flicker a little. The next day the green light is completely burnt out. All other lights function as they should. I took my water sample to a store and salt levels were fine at 3400. Chlorine levels were actually high at 6ppm. Highest I've ever seen it. The SWG output is set to 40% and pump is running 9 hrs per day on low and weather has been in the mid 90's. Stabalizer is on the low end of good. I backed the SWG down to 20%. A day later chlorine still looks high.

1 has anyone ever heard of the salt indicator light burning out and can it be replaced/repaired?
2. Should I be concerned that with the light out I could have a larger system issue and even though my output of chlorine is 20% the unit may be producing more than that?