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Thread: I dont know what im doing

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    I dont know what im doing

    Hello I just purchased a home in Boiling Springs SC, and it has a 28000 gal in-ground,with liner salt water pool. When we got the house last week we was told it is good to go for the summer! Wrong had water tested and 200 bucks later they say its good to swim in. I have never owned a pool so this is all new to me. I watched some vids and read some post so im getting around to things. But i have questions and they may be simple stuff.

    1st The 2 big ports at the bottom of the deep end do they suck water all the time or for draining the pool when needed?

    2nd I have the 2 ports on the side that blow water out all the time when the pump is on but there is a 3rd one that looks different and it is doing nothing? y?

    3rd where the pump and piping is theirs a filter set up but its cut off by a valve? Y? Ill attach pick of this!
    4th It has a Nature 2 Fusion soft 700 with error code 123 I cleaned the cell and it looks good but the error still there and the wiring looks good also. With the fault will it still make chlorine? IDK

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    Re: I dont know what im doing

    The two drains in the deep end are most like your "main drains"... not all pools use these but these provide water to the pump along with the water that goes in thru the skimmer. If you have valves that adjust these you can use the valve to either draw more or less water from either the skimmer or main drain. I like to increase the pull in the skimmer because it works better for surface cleaning. But I never close off the main drains completely just for back up protection.

    The returns are the two ports that are returning water to the pool after being filtered and chlorinated. If the third return is different is is often meant for a cleaner or fountain. Again, these can be adjusted with valves (if you're lucky to have them).

    I can't answer the 3rd question, sorry!

    Now.....about that Nature 2 Fusion thingamabob. I hope it isn't something that contains copper (and a lot of the Nature2 products do) because no one wants metals in the water- that leads to staining and green hair! Ugh! See if you can figure out if it has the copper element, ok?

    Yip (oh yeah- we *love* to see pics of pools <hint hint!>)
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    Re: I dont know what im doing

    Nature 2 is not a chlorine generator. It will never make chlorine. You must add chlorine manually.

    I stand is a chlorine generator, I was thinking a standard Nature 2
    16 x 32 17500 gallons
    Vinyl in-ground
    Hayward 250# Sand Filter
    1 HP Pump
    Hayward SWG

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    Re: I dont know what im doing

    The 3rd is a filter for a jandy energy sweep, since the valve is off that is why no water is returning out of the third port. It probably was abandoned if they removed the cleaner. The Fusion Soft is a chlorine generator, you could go to Zodiac Pool systems to find out more about the error code. You could also download a manual for it

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