I had my vinyl liner replaced last summer. Our pool is quite old (not sure how old, we've lived in the house for 14 years). The construction is wood frame which is apparently the oldest kind of construction you can have. At the midpoint of each long side (16 x 32 feet) the deadman anchor is angled in a bit so the wall is not straight. The aluminum coping sits on top the wood frame.

Anyway, we were afraid when we had the liner replaced we the pool might cave in based on a previous pool guy's estimation. He had told us to baby the liner as long as possible. We did until last year when it tore over the winter.

The new pool guys who have been in business for a very long time told us the pool was structurally fine and we could go ahead with liner replacement. We decided to have stairs added to the corner at the same time and also wanted to heat it. (We live in Massachusetts).

At first, we had the sand bottom replaced and the new liner installed but the liner didn't fit right at all. The pool guy said if we use vermiculite instead, the liner would fit better. So we had them replace the sand with vermiculite and paid extra for the vermiculite. It still didn't fit. Then the pool guys said, if we heat the water, they'd be able to get it to fit. That didn't work either. Finally after going back and forth most of last summer, they ended up admitting they didn't take enough measurements and they would remeasure and order a new liner. We waited to replace it until the end of the season and "lived with" the liner that didn't fit right since it held the water but just looked a mess.

Now, since we opened, I discovered duck tape in three of the 4 corners and the liner popping out of corners as well as a spot on the side. Where the steps were put in there is too much material and it's bunched on top of the step. I think when they changed from sand to vermiculite, they didn't remeasure the stairs. Like maybe the stairs are too high in the pool.

So my questions are:
1. Should the first step be under the water line?
2. What is the acceptable range for the step from the coping to the step?
3. Do I need a new liner again?
4. How do I get this guy to do the job right? and get a liner that fits?
5. Should I be writing a legal letter at this point?

I feel like I've been too nice and too patient but it's not my nature to scream and yell....

Any advice would be appreciated.