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Thread: Just curious - can high load of sunscreen cause cloudy?

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    Just curious - can high load of sunscreen cause cloudy?

    Can excessive bather sunscreen cause a cloudy pool or would it be that the sunscreen lowers the free chlorine and then algae makes it cloudy. I'm just curious, mine is sparkling.


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    Re: Just curious - can high load of sunscreen cause cloudy?

    Perhaps a bit of both. Any suspended particles in the water can make it cloudy, be it algae, sunscreen, pollen, dust, etc. Any organic matter in the water will increase chlorine usage. I'm not a chemist, so I can't comment on the effect of chlorine on sunscreen. More than likely however, high bather load will add more organics to the water and will therefore eat up more chlorine regardless of the amount of sunscreen that is added to the water.
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    Re: Just curious - can high load of sunscreen cause cloudy?

    Depending on the number of bathers and how long they are in the pool yes.

    In my 23K pool 5 or six after a couple hours results in the water becoming slightly cloudy. I make sure my stenner pump is dosing the pool and that generally keeps it crystal clear or close too it.
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    Re: Just curious - can high load of sunscreen cause cloudy?

    Yup. High bather load wearing sunscreen can deplete the FC fairly quick. If you are going to lots of swimmers its not a bad idea to bump up the FC by 2 so you have a little headroom.

    If the water is cloudy, I wold recommend to go ahead and elevate the FC to SLAM level for a day to clear it up.
    Nothing wrong with swimming with FC up to slam level.
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