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Thread: new plaster pool, newbie's first test

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    Question new plaster pool, newbie's first test

    Hi there. After waiting FOREVER due to weeping issues, we finally were able to plaster our pool this week. I have zero experience with pools, having never grown up with one, so I am feeling slightly overwhelmed right now. I was hoping that someone could let me know if I am on the right track?

    Pool was plastered with Quartzscapes on Wednesday morning, they came back later that afternoon to expose it and started filling. We finished filling it on Thursday afternoon. Pool School guy came out yesterday to install a bunch of stuff and get everything turned on and go over stuff with us. My TF100 kit arrived right before he got here, so I ran out and did a couple tests on Friday.

    ph 8.2 (+?)
    TA 190 (although after watching the video this morning I did this one wrong and stopped counting as soon as it turned the slightest shade of pink....I should have kept going w/ the drops. Lesson learned)
    CH 150

    I did't get a chance to test for anything else, and quite frankly didn't see the need to test for chlorine or cya since nothing had been added at that point.

    Right after I tested, the pool guy came and did his thing to prep for pool school. I was told that he added shock (I thought you weren't supposed to do that to new plaster?!?), chlorine pucks, and a case of MA (4 gallons). The 4 gallons seemed like a lot to me.

    So I tested everything this morning, with perhaps a margin of error for being a total newbie:
    FC 2.5ppm
    CC .5ppm
    ph 6.8
    TA 50-60 ?
    CH 175
    CYA less than 20

    So, here are my questions:
    ph--Am I correct in thinking that the pool guy added way too much MA? Should I add borax, or just let the kids splash around a bunch and let it come up on its own? It is new plaster, so from what I've read, it will have a tendency to rise anyways. (I know swimming this soon is against TFP recommendations, but PB said it was ok to jump in…so of course the kids went for it).
    CYA--The chlorine pucks we are using temporarily (until we add the salt and turn on the SWG) will rise the CYA, correct? Should I just leave it at that for now? or should I add additional CYA?
    Pool volume--when I added our specs to the pool math to estimate pool volume, it told me 17,000 gallons. The pool guy during start up/pool school told me 12,000 gallons. That is a huge difference and will definitely have an effect on the amount of products I will need to add in the future. Which volume should I use? I tried to watch my water meter during the fill so I would know how many gallons it was, but I forgot to turn off my sprinklers that night and that screwed up the numbers.

    Is there anything else that I am missing?
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    Re: new plaster pool, newbie's first test

    First thing to do is follow the instructions of the the installer to keep the warranty in tact. Second is to follow the instructions of the manufacturer of your pool finish. Here is what NPT recommends for your start up.
    Overview | National Pool Tile Group

    Then use TFP to fill in any gaps or improve it.

    PH below 7.2 can damage pool equipment.

    It is safe to swim when
    FC is above minimum and below shock level for your CYA, FC/CYA Chart
    PH is between 7.2 and 7.8
    And the water is clear

    If FC falls below minimum the pool is unsanitary because kill rates for pathogens, bacteria and viruses is too slow to prevent person to person disease transmission, especially in kids. The #1 job of chlorine is sanitize the pool. Killing algae is just a side benefit.
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