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Thread: Aqua Trol SWG Problem--Why (or DO they) wear out?

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    Aqua Trol SWG Problem--Why (or DO they) wear out?

    I'm BRAND NEW to TFP and up until now, have just been reading threads seeing if I can find a solution to my problem and haven't had any luck. I have learned a lot of really good information from what I've read though. I hope someone with an Aqua Trol salt water generator can give me some advice. Here's the situation:
    This season we are converting from a regular chlorine system to a SWG system. I've been really excited to get everything up and running and jumped right in and read everything I could find about it first. We bought a used Aqua Trol controller and a used salt cell from some friends who were getting rid of their pool. They're good friends whom we trust and who we spent time with in their pool at their home prior to them getting rid of it. They gave us a wonderful deal on their whole system so we have no doubts about the equipment that we got from them. They purchased it new and used it for 5-6 years.
    I hooked everything up according to the manuals and everything seemed to be working fine for the first day. After that, the 'inspect cell' light came on. I followed the suggestions I found on resetting the diagnostics (holding the button in for 3 sec. etc.), cleaning the cell, checking all the connections, checking the salt level and all the other pool chemicals. After resetting it everything took off working again...for an hour and then the 'inspect cell' light stayed on all the time again, so I redid the whole process. Everything checked out fine. I also checked with our friends and they said the cell had only been used 3 years.
    Here are my questions--Is there a quick fix that I'm not finding for the Aqua Trol? I've found plenty of youtube videos for similar issues with the Aqua Rite systems for in-ground pools--situations that sound similar and give great instructions on how to replace the voltage current limiter (or something like that--it's the little black disk looking thing that's about the size of a quarter and has to be soldered in to the board) but those videos are for the Aqua Rite controls. They also have evidence of heat damage on them whereas mine does not.

    Second question: Does the salt cell actually wear out OR is that simply a manufacturers recommendation in order to sell more products?

    Thank you in advance for anyone who may have a fix for me or just for taking the time to read this and see if it makes sense or if I'm totally off the wall with how to handle this! I've really enjoyed becoming a member of this forum and know that I'll be utilizing it for any other issues that arise.
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    Re: Aqua Trol SWG Problem--Why (or DO they) wear out?

    Welcome to TFP!

    I can answer one,of your questions. Yes salt cells wear out.
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