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Thread: Help with getting started

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    Help with getting started

    Hello TFP! I made an introductory post under 'Introduce Yourself'. Now, I have a few questions and I'd appreciate any help!

    - This pool is estimated 15 x 30 feet, depth 3-7 feet run on a Hayward DE4820, using ~6 lbs. of DE.
    - There are 2 jet returns (red circles), 1 skimmer (black square), and a main drain (black circle) in the pool.
    - There's a pool heater and chlorinator system tied in with this pool but I haven't touched them yet. Basics first.

    1) As you can see in the picture, there are a ton of trees surrounding my pool. On a mildly windy day, I can clean the surface of the pool with a net and it will get dirty again within 15 minutes. Are there any particular strategies to deal with this issue besides cutting down the trees?
    2) We use a DE filter and I backwashed it a few times. Is it safe to drain this DE waste directly onto my grass? I don't see any sewage drains from my backyard and I can't figure out where it's been drained in the past.
    3) I had a pool guy (who worked on this pool with the previous owner) check out my pool yesterday and he informed me that he never used DE in this filter. I told him I added 6 lbs. per manufacturer recommendations and he informed me that 1 lbs. is enough if I want to add any at all. Does his recommendation sound correct?

    Please let me know if there are details I neglected.

    Edit: Attached is a water analysis done at a national chain pool company. I've adjusted alkalinity, pH, and chlorine since this test and I believe they're on par with recommended levels (based on test strips; I've ordered a TF-100 test kit and am still waiting for it.)
    My only concern with this reading is CYA levels. I've read they should be in 30-50 range, and mine is much higher than that.
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    Re: Help with getting started

    Im going to start with #3 first... Fire that guy and immerse yourself in the message board here. You will gain tons of knowledge from the people who are way smarter than that "pool guy". you will also learn methods that will keep $$$ in your wallet...

    #1.. you can build a structure around the pool or cut down the trees...unfortunately, skimming is a necessary evil...

    #2.. I don't have DE and I haven't looked very far into it, so im not sure. I backwash straight into my yard until my sight glass is clear on a sand filter. Do a little research on the net and see what the proper steps for backwashing a DE filter are...You probably don't need a drain since you are filtering out the stuff that was in the pool anyways..

    You will soon find out, all the Mods and experts on this site are going to tell you to stay out of the pool stores for testing as their prime motive is to sell you product. They don't care about your pool or what you actually put in it unless it enhances their bottom line...

    As for the who really knows until your TF 100 shows up.

    Your CYA is a bit high according to those results but as I said before, the store wants to sell you CYA down which doesn't actually exist. IF your CYA is high, the only way to reduce it is replacing water.. so.. When your test kit shows up, test your pool and post the results here.. also test your fill water so you know a baseline of the water you will be putting into the pool.

    The water looks decent enuf so im willing to bet you are off to a good start. We cant give advice until we see numbers

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also make sure to put your pool specs in your signature block so if we need to put your info in the calculator to help, we can..

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    Re: Help with getting started

    Just clarifying that running a DE filter without DE is an absolute no-no.....that's where the very good recommendation to fire him is coming from.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Help with getting started

    Thanks for the tips!

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    Re: Help with getting started

    My results are as follows: FC 8, CC 0, TC 8, CH 100, TA 160, CYA 90
    Daily test: Cl 3-5, pH 7.2-7.5

    I believe all I need to adjust and maintain going forward is to increase pH to 7.5-7.8, and increase FC to ~10.

    My only question is: My TA is high, but is it high enough that I need to replace water to decrease its level?

    This forum is amazing. I started with only a remote background in undergraduate chemistry and I learned how to maintain my pool in only a few days, just by searching and reading in here. My wallet and sanity says thank you!
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    Re: Help with getting started

    Reported results:
    FC 8
    CC 0
    CH 100
    TA 160
    CYA 90
    pH 7.2-7.5
    Use the Chlorine / CYA Chart to determine minimum and target FC levels. Never let FC fall below the minimum level for your CYA.

    With a TA of 160, your pH will have a tendency to rise by itself - no need to increase, just maintain within the 7.2-7.8 range. With continued acid additions to adjust pH downward (keeping within the 7.2-7.8 range), your TA will slowly come down - no need to replace water or concern yourself too much with that. If you want to get it lower a bit quicker - Pool School - Lower Total Alkalinity

    Glad to hear that you found it easy to maintain your pool in only a few days. It really is easy once you get the hang of it. If you feel we've helped you and saved your sanity and wallet, consider making a tax deductible donation and CLICK HERE to Become a Supporter!
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