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Thread: I'm Still chasing a leak in my vinyl inground pool...I have thoughts but need help!!!

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    I'm Still chasing a leak in my vinyl inground pool...I have thoughts but need help!!!

    Hi All,

    I posted before about my leak and have some new questions. The first few days my pool will leak 4 to 5 inches...after that it leaks very little? The first time i noticed the leak i did the bucket test and plugged the return lines and the skimmer line (i have one skimmer) i also have a suction drain at bottom of pool. With everything plugged up the water continued to leak right to the bottom of the skimmer plate. I went out and bought a new skimmer plate and gasket and some jb weld (water weld) I installed the Gasket and plate and put the water weld around the plate as well and then filled pool back up and all was good for a week. All of a sudden after a week in a 1 day time frame i lost the 4 to 5 inches of water again. HMMMMMMMMM??? This time i left the skimmer unplugged and the return lines unplugged and the water has dropped to about 3 inches below the skimmer plate the retunr lines and the pool light are still under water. The return lines are just under the water level now and the pool light in still about 4 inches below the water level. The water leak has slowed down drastically in the last day as compared to the first day 4 to 5 inch water loss. What i've ended up doing this time is turning off the valve to the skimmer at the pump and running the pool from the line in the bottom of the pool. I've been trying to figure out where my leak is at this point? Tell me if i'm wrong but since it went 3 inches or so past the bottom of the skimmer and continued to leak then i can say it's not the skimmer line? I also have good flow coming out of the return lines and i have good suction from the bottom of the pool. Also since it's not leaking past the light in the deep end I can say it's not the niche that is leaking? And since the leak has seemed to slow above the return jets i've ruled them out as well. And if it was the pipe going to pump from bottom of the pool was bad wouldnt the water continue to leak out? Any help would be great as I am at a complete loss as to where the leak is? On an added note I did the dye test around the light and the skimmer and the return jets and the bottom of pool and I get nothing as far as it finding a leak source? The vinyl liner is 10+ years old and the pool itself is 20+ years old i've lived in the home for the past 3 summers and everything had been fine until the past two weeks...Any help with this problem would be great?????TY

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    Re: I'm Still chasing a leak in my vinyl inground pool...I have thoughts but need hel

    I know this is not what you want to hear but a leak specialist may be your best option.. sometimes once the obvious things are ruled out it's the best route..
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