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Thread: Rocks in pool salt

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    Rocks in pool salt

    I recall seeing a thread about this last year I believe. I just wanted to add a warning. I had small rocks in two bags of diamond crystal splash ready pool salt that I bought at lowes. I have bought pool salt from them for years and I believe it has always been diamond crystal but I'm not certain. Regardless I have never had this problem before. These were large enough that I believe they could have damaged my liner if left. I threw the largest ones away before I thought to take a picture. The largest were about 5 times the size of the biggest ones in the photo I took.

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    Re: Rocks in pool salt

    I bought some salt at Walmart. There were a few black pieces, but no rocks. I had poured it in a pitcher to spread it around so I could look closely as I was adding it. The thought crossed my mind, AT&T he time, that there could be unwanted particles in it.
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    Re: Rocks in pool salt

    I've got some in pool salt too but don't recall ever getting them from water softener salt.
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    Re: Rocks in pool salt

    I've noticed them in Morton and Diamond Crystal water softener salt in the past. This year, the Morton Salt has been clean.

    It bugs the heck out of me. I've been tempted to save them all until I have 40 lbs worth and then bring them back to the store and ask for a free bag. Clearly not worth the effort, but it does make me feel better to think about it.

    I found that the pellets are clean.
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    Re: Rocks in pool salt

    Honestly, I'd be more upset if I found them in my water softener salt. It's tougher to clean that thing out than it is my pool. Still, good to be wary.

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