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Thread: How long after muriatic

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    How long after muriatic

    How long after adding Muriatic acid can we swim?
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    Re: How long after muriatic

    You should wait 30 minutes with the pump running.
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    Re: How long after muriatic

    I guess I dont even need to tell you what the pool store said... :P

    so 30 mins even if we put a crud load in? Im going to jump in!
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    Re: How long after muriatic

    how much is a crud load? How low did it drop your pH? Did you add it to lower pH or TA? Jason is referring to the small amounts usually added toladjust pH which is usually in the neighborhood of 1 qt or lessper 10k gallons. Even when lowering TA we don't recommend putting in more than will lower the ph to about 7.0 at any one time (which is usually between 2 to 3 qts. per 10k gallons but can really only be dertemined by testing)

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    Re: How long after muriatic

    1 gallon
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    Re: How long after muriatic

    1 gallon
    That's a crud load, indeed How much did it drop your pH? One of the tenants of BBB is careful measuring, testing and dosing.

    Did you overshoot? In a normal size pool, that should've resulted in a steep, steep drop.
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    Re: How long after muriatic

    My husband went to Leslies

    We are cleaning a huge mess after some circuit went out on the salt board. I have to give him props for fixing it himself. In the first year of having this second hand pool he has had to clean 3 ponds now. The first was because of a pipe break underground and up under the concrete decking which he dug up and climbed in to fix. This time his computer skills came into I just need those computer skills to bring him here. I had washed my hands of it this time...but am back

    I am sure I will have more questions after todays testing with my TFT kit
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